More Affordable Homes May Come to Collier County

North Naples

There is a push to create affordable homes in the southwestern Florida region, which is known to be expensive.

Hundreds of new apartments could soon come to Collier County. Some of those units are set aside for teachers and first responders. But the question from many is whether these units will actually be affordable for county civil servants.

The mother and her newborn are currently sleeping at the St. Matthew House Campbell Lodge Homeless Shelter tonight. And 18 individual mothers with children on the waiting list.

Ray Steadman is St. He is the Vice President of Programs at Matthew’s House and says too many families are having a hard time finding an affordable place to live in Collier County. “It’s almost impossible. People can share their homes because rents are rising much faster than their income,” Steadman said.

Heather Mazurkiewicz of the North Collier Fire Rescue District states that housing is also a problem for firefighters. “Especially young firefighters are just getting started and can’t afford a place to serve in the community,” said Mazurkievich.

Collier County is talking about scrambling to build more affordable homes, like the proposed project for Blue Coral apartments. This will bring 70 affordable units to North Naples near the intersection of Immo Curry Road and Livingston Road.

Some of those proceedings are sent to teachers, firefighters, or other “essential service personnel.” Collier County is working on another project to make 82 units available to the lowest-income lessors.

Jacob Laroux, an affordable home in Collier County, says that’s not enough. “How do you deal with affordable homes when demand isn’t playing the ball on how long it takes to bring these units online?” LaRow said.

In other words, the demand for affordable housing in Collier County is well above supply.

Currently, the rent for Blue Coral Apartments is estimated to be about $ 1,500 per month for a family of three and $ 60,000 per year. A family of three, who earn $ 37,000 a year, can get a two-bedroom apartment for $ 1,000 a month.

More Affordable Homes May Come to Collier County

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