Most Giants believe in Joe Judge’s tough coaching style

It’s not for everyone.

Given that Joe Judge’s tenure as Giants head coach for the past year and two has shown us something, his method requires a particular type of player personality to succeed. As such, fans are excited to add to the roster to enhance playmaking in recent months, but a more important process for the Giants to succeed is from those who haven’t fully invested in the plan. It may be weeding.

Whether it’s Golden Tate, Mark Colombo, or Kelvin Benjamin, who decided this week that it was enough before the first full practice of the training camp began in earnest, the judge was in a different direction from his vision.

That’s why almost all Giants staff have a lineage that follows either New England or Alabama, or more specifically, Bill Belichick or Nick Saban, who had a great influence on the philosophies of judges. .. That’s why many of the players added to the team after the judge took over in January 2020 have similar roots and similar personalities.

The judge does not hide his method.

“We are not trying to make this an easy place,” the judge said. “We want to put as much pressure on our players as possible through practice, so that when players join the game, we deal with levels of adversity and pressure that help them work better. can.”

It’s a system that works as long as there are players who agree with it. So far, the Giants have been able to maintain more types than those who cannot or do not carry the Giants flag. He has a locker room for young leaders from Daniel Jones, Evan Engram, Sterling Shepard and Leonard Williams. They not only tolerate the rules of the judge, but also seem to be prospering under them. One of the reasons he met Kenny Goraday for almost three days before the Giants decided to invest in him as a free agent this offseason is to make sure he was such a person. ..

“He’s a tough coach,” said second-year safety Xavier McKinney (out of Alabama, notable) Thursday. “He asks us a lot, but we accept challenges every day. Sometimes it can be pretty cruel, but that’s what it is. It’s not something I’m unfamiliar with, many People aren’t. “Before … we love the process of going through it. “

However, there is a countdown in the period during which such a culture can stay in place without one very important factor. The Giants must win for the Judges Way to function in the long run.

It started to happen a bit late last year, but watches are now ticking towards an era where victories are much more common than they have been in this franchise for the past decade.

There is nothing wrong with following a difficult path, but it should lead to greater success than an easy path. Something needs to change from team to team.

You will not be a judge.

“See, I’m always going to be me, I’m going to do it with my personality,” he said. “I think you have to do that, or you’re just lying trying to be something else.”

The judge said he spent time this offseason looking at how to deal with the player. He listens to as many clever voices as possible, from sports psychologists to professional lacrosse, women’s basketball coaches and navy shields, to better understand the best way to reach the current batch of this Giants player. Said that.

“I don’t want to miss people,” he said. “One of the most important things we want to do is to evaluate the team and keep someone out of the street who can help us win. What someone can actually do. To see “

Despite Benjamin’s dissatisfaction, the judge faced him because the team didn’t come to the camp with the weight he wanted to see, cursed him too much, and never talked to him “know everything” He complained to the media, and the judge has a pretty strong track record of actually listening to and understanding the players. The coach who actually runs the penalty lap on the players is the same as last year when he separated rookie Derrick Dillon from the practice team and showed “favor”. The moon saw Kadarius Tony cry in the changing room over news that his relatives were ill and took him on the first plane back there with his family.

That’s why several players came to the judge’s defense over Benjamin’s farewell shot.

“He has the right to accept his opinion,” said James Bradberry of Cornerback. “I think the coach judge is tough. I don’t think he will always give way to us because there is so much pressure on our position. Tough coach, that’s it. How to build your structure. That’s how you build it. Discipline. That’s what he’s building here. “

For the salty words, the judge made no excuses – “It’s a little different when you’re there, it’s a little moment,” he said-but he and his staff are about the players themselves. He insisted that he never use words.

“He’s very enthusiastic,” defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence said of the judge. “He respects us. We respect him … no one knows who hates him.”

At least not on the list.

not anymore.

Most Giants believe in Joe Judge’s tough coaching style

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