Multi-target fecal occult blood chemistry test improves diagnostic accuracy

(HealthDay)-Multi-target fecal immunochemical test (mtFIT) shows better diagnostic accuracy to detect more advanced tumors than standard FIT tests, according to a study published online on July 20. Is Annual report of internal medicine..

Willemijn de Klaver, MD and colleagues at the Dutch Cancer Institute in Amsterdam made the diagnosis test Accuracy Research to develop mtFIT with better diagnostic performance than FIT. Participants included 1,284 from screening and referral populations classified by the most advanced lesions and 769 controls. Classification and regression tree (CART) analysis was applied to biomarker concentrations to identify the optimal combination for detecting advanced neoplasms.

Researchers found that the combination of hemoglobin, calprotectin, and serpin family F member 2 (mtFIT) had a 42.9% cross-validation sensitivity for advanced tumors compared to 37.3% of FIT in the CART analysis, 96.6. We found that there was an equivalent specificity of%. .. For advanced adenomas, cross-validation sensitivity increased from 28.1 percent to 37.8 percent. Based on these results, early health technology assessments suggested that mtFIT-based screening may be more cost-effective than FIT.

“This study provides a more accurate clinical validation of mtFIT for detecting advanced tumors, especially advanced adenomas, compared to FIT,” the author writes. “The fact that mtFIT may be compatible with current FIT-based practices, both logically, healthily and economically. Sifting The program has the potential to significantly facilitate future implementations of mtFIT. “

Several authors have disclosed pending patents for early detection of colorectal cancer.

Index stratifies the risk of advanced colorectal tumors

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Multi-target fecal occult blood chemistry test improves diagnostic accuracy

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