Munilong talks about the hit song “Hrs and Hrs”

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MunilongThe artist, also known as Prisila Renea, knew she had hit her hand when her song “Hrs and Hrs” hit the top 10 on iTunes. After her viral success on TikTok, thanks to her affectionate R & B ballad, she is now focused on winning her track # 1.

“Sometimes you just don’t want to do anything anymore.”

In contrast to her recent success, Long has been in the music industry for over a decade. The R & B singer After being discovered on YouTube, he signed a record deal with Capitol Records in 2008. However, after she released her debut project and several singles, her future on her label was cold and deadlocked, urging her to start her new skill, songwriting. From 2010 to 2019, Long wrote songs for famous artists such as: Madonna, Mary J. Blige, Demi Lovato, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, more. However, despite the long list of writing credits, songwriters were tired of helping everyone but themselves. So Long decided to go back to making her own music — and this time on her terms.

“I don’t think it was a turning point,” Long said he chose to pursue a solo career with POPSUGAR. “Sometimes you just don’t want to do anything anymore. It seems you could do a high-paying job, but it doesn’t satisfy you. You want something else It feels like you’re stuck. ”Long doesn’t attribute her career decisions to any particular event, but in her private life she“ lives to the fullest of my life, He said he urged him to stop trying to live for others.

Long’s new chapter meant completely changing her stage name to something meaningful to her. According to the singer, the “muni” part of her name means “think from the inside” and “long” means affirmative. She reinvented herself under her new identity entirely because of her own state of mind, but she broke up with an earlier version of herself already known in the music industry. It was also an opportunity.

“I really needed to be able to step into this persona [and] Be the person I always wanted to be. “

“I really needed to be able to step into this persona [and] “Be the one I’ve always wanted to be,” she explains. “But it’s also like you grow up with a specific nickname your family knows you .. You grow up and grow beyond those things. But you’ve always been People who knew you don’t want to disappoint it .. .. All these people in the last 10 years seem to know me and only look at me from a specific point of view I wanted my music to have a fair shot and the artistry to have a fair shot. So I created this different persona so it’s too late for people to realize it’s me. I would have been successful already, and that’s exactly what happened. “

Image Source: Tony Bee

For some multi-hyphen artists, especially in an industry where songwriters tend to be boxed, it’s not always easy to catch the second breeze. But the spirit of the glass ceiling doesn’t last any long. Her own philosophy encourages her to rule her life, and she doesn’t feel like she needs to answer someone else. “I firmly believe in creating your own reality,” she says. “No one can stop you from doing anything. No one can control you so much. Retrain your mind, study, and everything we grow and teach. I don’t think we’ve heard enough about limiting beliefs and not learning things about how only a few people can succeed [and] There is not enough space for everyone. .. .. All of this scares someone to take a step and try it. “

“I firmly believe in creating your own reality.”

However, by stepping into faith, Long was able to successfully pivot to R & B (after a short stint of country music), a suggestion made by her manager. “He told me,’You need to do an R & B,'” she recalls. “And that was the only thing I haven’t done yet. So we tried it, and I think it worked.” R & B is more than a long-time advantage. This genre paved the way for her to secure a hit — as soon as social media got it, it began her own life. The long breakout song “Hrs and Hrs” is a 20-minute freestyle track she washed with dishes and was released in her “Public Displays of Affection” EP this November.Shortly thereafter, the song made a big presence online and soon #hrsandhrschallenge..from Couple To singer (And even more Some foodies), Long’s popular songs quickly became the background for many videos of social media users. For a long time, this topic was initially called “cute,” but she found it to be bigger than she had imagined.

“Wait a minute, this won’t stop. It’s pretty crazy,” she said of the team’s reaction. “”Missy Elliott After writing on Twitter Halle Berryafterwards Nice Nash posted a video With her and her wife.It was very many [happening].. Every day was something that didn’t seem real. “Long song Hit multiple billboard charts By the top of 2022 (Currently sitting at number 18 Billboard Hot 100). “Everything after this is a bonus,” she says. “I’m very happy … everything has some challenges, but I’m just grateful with a smile. But nevertheless, I’m still so much that I can be that person Thank you for singing this song. “

“It’s a bonus after this.”

Long’s new success has achieved a total of 180 in her career. The singer-songwriter is now a really popular product, and while her demand for time is higher than ever, she remains humble in her musical journey. Her most valuable lessons she has learned so far revolve around shaping her own destiny. Her advice to other artists: “No one is going to do it for you. Don’t make excuses. Just get up and get things done.”

Long’s motto these days is “to make your dreams come true”, an emotion that took a long time for her to believe in herself. The next goal of the R & B song sensation is to bring “Hrs and Hrs” to the top of the chart. But above all, Long wants to stay creative in her career for as long as possible. “That’s how we got here, so I don’t want to be distracted and start doing anything other than knowing that I’m going to work,” she says. “This keeps me connected with my supporters and keeps making the great music I want to make.”

Munilong talks about the hit song “Hrs and Hrs”

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