Mushroom Tea vs. Medicinal Mushroom Gummies

Mushroom supplements are one of the latest trends among health and fitness enthusiasts. Over the last few years, people have become much more aware of what medicinal mushrooms are and all the ways they could improve a person’s health.

Until recently, medicinal mushrooms have always been considered somewhat of a niche product. The mushrooms that offer therapeutic benefits are typically not those found in supermarkets and in the past have been tricky to find and expensive to purchase.

The rise in interest surrounding medicinal mushrooms has changed this, and there is now a growing market for mushrooms supplements. It is now much easier to find supplements that contain all the vital compounds from mushrooms, making it simpler than ever to reap their benefits. As a result, you don’t have to eat whole mushrooms every day in order to experience the effects.

Several product types have proven to be popular among health enthusiasts looking to try medicinal mushrooms.

Mushroom powders and capsules are two ways in which mushrooms can be used for health purposes. However, neither of these options encapsulate the luxury of actually eating these mushrooms. This is where mushrooms, gummies, and mushroom teas come in, offering an enjoyable experience while still packing all of the benefits.

What are mushroom gummies and mushrooms teas, and which option provides the best user experience and results?

What Are Mushroom Gummies?

In many ways, medicinal mushroom gummies are just like regular gummies and can be eaten as a sweet snack. Most brands use added flavorings and colorings to give their mushroom gummies the appearance of traditional candy.

The main difference between mushroom gummies and regular candy is that they contain mushroom extract or powder. Every company has its own specialized formula, with some brands sticking to one mushroom species and others opting for a curated blend.

Each one contains a concentrated amount of mushroom, with a dose calculated to provide the body with a small supplemental boost. Most gummies contain very small amounts of mushroom, so you can eat a couple throughout the day.

What Are Mushroom Teas?

Mushroom tea is made using an infusion of medicinal mushrooms and water. Most mushroom teas available for purchase from mushroom supplement brands come in the form of teabags, making them easy to use. Simply add hot water and allow it to steep, and it’s ready to drink.

The mushrooms that are chosen to make teas are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. These different compounds can be infused into the tea water, allowing them to be drunk and enjoyed just like a warming mug of tea.

How to Choose the Best Option

Both mushrooms teas and mushroom gummies have their benefits and offer very similar medical effects. The key difference between the products is how they are consumed.

One of the main benefits of mushroom gummies is that they are small, discreet, and can be eaten straight out of the pack. Each gummy contains the same amount of mushroom concentrate, meaning that it is easy to calculate precisely how much has been consumed each day.

On the other hand, mushroom teas are just like regular tea, requiring hot water and at least several minutes to brew. There is less accuracy when it comes to dosage compared to other consumption methods. The amount of water used, the brewing time, and the water quality can all impact the quality of the supplement and its effects.

One benefit of mushroom teas over gummies, though, is the flavor. With gummies, all of the natural mushroom flavors are lost. This is not the case with mushroom teas, as the flavor profile of the mushroom is infused into the water.

Mushroom gummies often contain sugar or artificial sweeteners to make them taste like candy. For some people, the added sugar is problematic, and in these cases, it can be better to opt for mushrooms teas instead.

When choosing between the two options, it is worth considering which one is much more likely to work within an individual diet. A person who often finds themselves eating candy will likely enjoy mushrooms gummies. Whereas someone who drinks multiple cups of tea a day will have a much better time with mushroom tea infusions.

Where to Find Mushroom Teas and Mushroom Gummies

Medicinal mushroom supplements are still relatively new and, as a result, are not always the easiest to find. A growing number of health food stores are starting to sell mushroom products like teas and gummies. It is always worth checking out local stores and seeing what they have available.

Another option is to purchase mushroom supplements online. Several CBD brands are branching out into the mushroom world and now offer a selection of mushroom items. There are also specialist medical mushroom brands online, and they tend to provide the broadest range of products.

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