Musk giving a rare presentation about an ambitious starship rocket

Elon Musk is SpaceX’s star-based facility near Bokatika, southern Texas, against the impressive background of a fully stacked spacecraft at 8 pm local time (Friday 0200 GMT). Will give a presentation.

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk will provide a long-awaited update on Thursday night about the Starship of SpaceX, the prototype rocket the company is developing for interplanetary exploration.

The tycoon is SpaceX’s Starbase facility near Bokatika in southern Texas, with a fully stacked 394-foot (120-meter) space at 8 pm local time (Friday Greenwich Mean Time 0200). Give a presentation on the impressive background of the ship. ) expensive.

This is Musk’s first detailed progress report since 2019, often providing small updates on Twitter, but will be livestreamed on the company’s website.

Prior to the event, he tweeted some photos and videos of Starship’s matte black upper stage being placed on a shimmering silver super heavy first stage rocket.

Together, they make the largest spacecraft ever made: higher than the Saturn V rocket that took astronauts to the moon during the Apollo era.

Made of stainless steel and designed to be fully reusable, Starship aims to lift up to 100 metric tons into Earth orbit.

SpaceX envisions ships carrying crew and cargo to the Moon, Mars, and more. Last year, NASA awarded the company a contract for a version of the Starship to get astronauts on the ferry under the Artemis program. Lunar orbit On the surface.

The upper part of the starship has already made some ballistic flights. After several tests that ended with an impressive explosion, SpaceX finally managed to land the spacecraft last May.

Musk has promised a much more ambitious orbital test this year. Waiting for permission from the Federal Aviation Administration. This requires both stages of the ship.

The FAA said in its December release that clearance could come by February 28th. This means that the milestone can take place in March at the earliest.

SpaceX Musk: First Starship Test Flight to Orbit in January

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Musk giving a rare presentation about an ambitious starship rocket

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