My 5-year-old child was eligible for the COVID vaccine. Do you need to immunize them?

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Since 2020, COVID has been mainly for the elderly Vulnerable.. Vaccines have dramatically improved protection against disease, but children and young people remain at the bottom of the list when it comes to immunization, as COVID is perceived to pose little risk to them. .. COVID vaccines are only becoming available in the UK under the age of 12.

The Minister of Health I considered vaccination for 5-11 years old. “Not urgent, “As I discussed earlier, I think I’m wrong.Like many parents, I witnessed COVID tsunami In our school in the last few months, as the government has prioritized Attendance at school While removing most measures to contain the virus.Thankfully, I personally don’t know anything Children I’m in pain Severe illness Or developed a long COVID. But that doesn’t mean this won’t happen. For example, in the case of a traffic accident, we need to consider the entire population.

That’s why I strongly support COVID as a child vaccinationAnd not only as a virologist, but also as a parent. I’m one of the few unfortunate people who experience terrible illness in their children. My son was hospitalized in just 14 weeks. Bacterial meningitis.. While I was taking care of her daughter, her wife somehow endured being with him through her lumbar punctures, injections, and sleepless nights. We were all overwhelmed. Timely antibiotics thankfully saved my boy from the worst, but on subsequent clinic visits I witnessed how lucky we were.If he was older, he would be even more childhood vaccination Probably prevented it from happening.

A small percentage of risk often sounds reassuring. actual, infant What makes you sick from COVID Small compared to adult risk.. But this is a wrong comparison.In reality, COVID is Very popularThe percentage of risk posed by illness translates into more serious cases for children than ever before.This becomes more apparent when you look at their risks separately from adults and how COVID affects them. Child health..

As we hope, children do not die as many as adults. public health Have seen Steadily reduce youth mortality From the 1980s. In 2020 Less than 800 dead For children from 1 to 15 years old Only 20 or so Due to COVID. However, with the return to school in 2021, this increase was seen dramatically. 120 or more According to the National Bureau of Statistics, death from COVID under the age of 19. Representative under 18 years old 8% or more of hospitalization During the Omicron peak in January, and COVID is now One of the top causes Of UK child mortality.

In addition to the initial infection, the long COVID effects on a child’s life are almost unimaginable.Thousands of children Experienced a debilitating illness for 12 months or more Even after the pandemic began after being infected with the coronavirus, the number of cases has increased. Moreover, we have not yet determined the full impact of Omicron.

Know that COVID causes other causes Long-term complications-like that Organ damage And especially for children Pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome— And vaccines can prevent infections, are very effective in preventing severe COVID illness and death, and it is certainly easy to protect infants with vaccines. The idea that catching the coronavirus can give children future protection is irresponsible by comparison.

Parents are naturally worried New drugIn rare cases, it can cause serious side effects.What became clear Inflammation of the heart (Known as myocarditis). This is a problem specific to adolescent men, but the risk is reduced in this age group in the UK as follows: Increase the gap Between the first and second doses of adolescents. again, Rare enough to disappear For younger children because they receive lower vaccine doses. This risk far outweighed the potential adverse effects of the virus. More serious and lasting Inflammation of the heart caused by infection.

For rare events like seat belts where the worst needs to be stopped, I prefer my child to have a COVID vaccine rather than not.No one knows what follows Omicron or how the new wave is happening. More infectious BA.2 subvariant It will work — so why not protect yourself from the relatively small possibilities of tragic consequences? There is no such thing as a “mild hospitalization”, especially for children in the ward.

You just have to look A relatively well vaccinated group over 16 years old See what makes a difference in avoiding school confusion and improving the safety of children and staff. In order for us to truly “coexist” with the virus, it is essential to reduce community infections. Our safe and effective vaccines pave the way for this goal.

COVID vaccination of children aged 5-11 years reduced Omicron hospitalization by 68%

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My 5-year-old child was eligible for the COVID vaccine. Do you need to immunize them?

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