My first time first day Devi Vishwakumar courage personal essay

Many people are from Devi Vishwakumar My first time To be a problematic character. She lies, hurt her loved ones, and makes incredibly selfish decisions — that’s the only truth. But when it comes to Dewi’s personality, there’s something to say about credibility in that she rarely becomes anyone other than herself. She does not (almost) apologize and is not afraid to be her true self, no matter how culturally inappropriate or frowned upon.Therefore, while watching the new season My first time, I realized I was jealous of Devi and wanted to be more like her when I was her age.

I was born in the UK and spent most of my life in a South Asian family. Avoiding the three-year gap between college cohabitants and living in Southampton in their current environment. Throughout my childhood and teenage life, I think my parents had a modest level of rigor — at least more than Devi’s mother, Narini. I was allowed to visit friends outside of school and went to a significant part of the house party, and I could even convince my parents to go to Reading Festival. .. Still, I feel I’ve taken more risks and become a more authentic version of myself.

As a South Asian woman who grew up in the UK, I feel like I’m living a double life. There is “you” when you are with your cousin, grandma, and parents, and “you” when you are away from all those people. As an adult, I wasn’t very open to my family about what I was doing at school, and my male friends never visited my house or sneaked into my room. Looking at the show, I can’t help but feel that my experience was very different from Devi’s character. When I see her move from school to her parents’ home, I feel that her personality, opinions, and speaking style have changed little or no, unlike in my case.

Devi is pretty open to her family in terms of the language she uses, and she’s really taboo in South Asian culture when it comes to taunting, talking about sex, and dating. Don’t hesitate. In comparison, I didn’t even ask my mother how long it would take to happen to me, and it wasn’t because I wasn’t aware of them. It was awkward to grow. Despite being with my boyfriend for 5 years (to this day) (not to mention the fact that we live together), openly swearing in front of my parents and discussing dates with my parents Was never. There are definitely more factors involved besides Devi’s brave personality, but I couldn’t help noticing all of these things she was happy to do. I was brave when I was young.

One caveat is probably the episode where she pierces her nose. teeth I’m a little worried about what her mom says. Still, nose piercing is the direct result of sneaking out of the house at midnight and hanging out with a boy, and she quickly arrives at a solution and just “takes it out” before looking. Anyway, the next morning her mom.

I can’t help but wonder what my life would have been if I had taken more risks and my family wasn’t afraid of what I said, how I acted, or some of what I did. I can’t. Perhaps a more open relationship was the result, or there was a higher level of understanding of the struggle to grow in Western societies. In any case, this is my hope for other young South Asian girls watching the show: Take the risk. Of course, to the extent that it makes sense, but without much worry about what is said or thought about you, take the time to integrate your “double” life as much as possible. The truth is that life is too short to live with regret, so we can all do it a little more like Devi Vishwakumar.

My first time first day Devi Vishwakumar courage personal essay

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