Naomi Osaka celebrates Cordae’s second album

Cordae Flying high following his liberation Second grade album, Bird’s eye view, January 14th.His new album has been praised by fans all over the world, but his girlfriend Naomi Osaka, Was by his side to celebrate his great achievements. “It’s really exciting to get close to someone and see how much love and dedication they put into their technique.” She wrote in an Instagram post On Friday, with a photo of the two relaxing together.

“It makes you feel like someone was born to do a certain thing. @ Cordae You are a star, a light, and literally brightens every room you enter (or it’s your hair lol” ) “, She continued. “Congratulations on your 2nd album, I’m proud of you ❤️” Cordae thanked her for her sweet post and said, “My MUHF * CKIN LADY !!!! I LOVE U 2 DEATH !! U TRULY MY RIDE OR DIE BONNIE AND CLYDE JUST WAY MOREFLY. “”

Naomi and Cordae have been quite paired since then Publish in their relationship 2019. “Yes, that’s my girl.” He erupted in an interview with Hot97..He shared that he even met Naomi at the Los Angeles Clippers match before I knew who she was.. From there, the two numbers have been exchanged and since then they have been items.

For couples, cordae Supporting Naomi in the match Or two Show off on the red carpet.. It’s great to see them still so much in love and rooting for each other — we’re here for that!

Naomi Osaka celebrates Cordae’s second album

Source link Naomi Osaka celebrates Cordae’s second album

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