Natalie Cadet-James dials up to Lux

Ask celebrity event planner and designer Natalie Cadet James how to make a memorable dinner party, and she’ll say it’s a passion for making connections. “There’s magic that happens at the dinner table,” she shares. “When you connect, you connect with others through food in a beautiful atmosphere. We are all wired for the connection, but to do it with a purpose. Some work is needed. ”

Cadet-James pursues a career with the aim of integrating her organizational skills with appreciation for the arts. Event planner lawyer over 10 years ago. Her leap of trust, along with her company Luxe Fête, brought a series of prestigious luxury events around the world, earning her a reputation as one of the best planners in the country. In 2019, Cadet-James launched its sister company, Luxe Fête Social, to provide a friendly and stress-free way to plan special occasions at home.

Ado tablescape. Image courtesy of Luxe Fête Social
Ado tablescape. Image courtesy of Luxe Fête Social

The dinner experience in her box is delivered directly to your door and contains everything you need to perform an intimate gathering. From “Tropic Like It’s Hot” to “Say Something in French,” each of the six thematic packages is inspired by many trips around the world by Haitian-American designers. Each box also has a stone heart by a Haitian artist.

This Father’s Day plans a spectacular gathering to show how much Dad cares and follows Cadet James’ suggestions when ordering the “Crouching Tiger”. This package includes a neutral and masculine table setting featuring a boat centerpiece with green moss, candles and holders, and a black and silver matt steel tableware set. The package can be used by 2, 4, or 8 people.

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