Natalie Nan shares a video of Apple Watt from her hospital bed

Approximately three months after Apple Watts was hospitalized, her fans and associates are sending her prayers and wishes in the hope of a quick recovery. Apple’s sister has provided the latest information about her condition. The latest is Apple’s live video from the hospital on Thursday.

Natalie Nan shared a live clip where Apple began talking about appearing in Nan’s show “Baddies South” on the Zeus Network. She shared this message with the video:

This hurt my heart! Today, Apple Watts went live from her horrific accident, but she finally talked and began to heal her! And she was actually supposed to be in the South Buddy, which was in her mind today! She was very excited to participate in the project! And she got involved in her accident! IM SO SAD I LOVEUS IS… .. Anyone who wants to donate and help her sister go raise money with her bio. I still pray for APPLE.

As previously reported, Apple Watts was involved in a car accident, burning a car, breaking a skull, breaking a spine, and shattering arms. The accident happened in March, and Apple has been in crisis since then. Recently, Apple’s sister Domonique revealed that former Love & Hip Hop stars are starting to talk again.

She comes back every day, she remembers me and my mom, she remembers the family she visited. Now she is starting to ask what happened to her car, her apartment. She talks to her children every day. “

Doctors are monitoring Apple’s progress in hopes of transferring Apple from Las Vegas to a hospital in their home state of California, Domonique said.

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Natalie Nan shares a video of Apple Watt from her hospital bed

Source link Natalie Nan shares a video of Apple Watt from her hospital bed

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