Natasha Rothwell talks about unsafe coaching debut

Natasha Rothwell Directed an episode on Sunday night Unsafe And what a vehicle! Episodes centered around Issa Dee (Issa Rae) And Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) And their dysfunctional relationship; Molly (Yvonne Strahov) Colleague Taurian (Leonard Robinson) While her mother’s health is deteriorating, and of course, Issa’s wild fever dreams of hitting her ex-Lawrence ()Jay Ellis) Baby Mama Condora (Christina Elmore) And dunk their son, Elijah. “”[The episode] Representing your thirties:’What do you think of me? How do i feel What do i want? What do you want? Rothwell, who plays Kelly Pleny, Los Angeles Times..

Rothwell said about directing the episode Busy she I spent a lot of time studying until her directorial debut.. For advice, she went to director Patty Jenkins. He taught her to “get into what you don’t know and get into the people around you.” Eventually, Rothwell said on Sunday that he “feels very comfortable” to bring the story to life, and her “co-stars were excited to see me in that light, and I also from that perspective. I was excited to see them. ” Support from her colleagues was also welcomed, as comedians are not always given the opportunity to be considered equal to their peers.Talk to LA Times, Rothwell revealed when she was selected as a writer Saturday night live In 2014, she still felt “the audition wasn’t over” and “I didn’t feel like I was always watching.”

Recently, Rothwell seems to be “rich and prosperous,” as her character Kelly said in a recent episode of this final season. Unsafe.. Fans are obsessed with her role and want a spin-off around Kelly, as Rothwell said. Busy Is “one of the most friends in a group of friends” and “she doesn’t have a boy drama or a work drama. She’s happy. She understands and balances her life. You can understand, get up and get up. Sales report. ”So, will you get more Kelly in the future? Rothwell told the outlet, “I wouldn’t say no to see what’s next,” but I don’t think it will happen. I wish you success!

Natasha Rothwell talks about unsafe coaching debut

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