Naturi Naughton plays Jill in ABC’s Queens

ABC’s “Queens” The season finale ended with an unexpected surprise and a big cliffhanger. The final episode of Season 1 aired on February 15th Eve’s character, BriannaAnd queen — Naturi Naughton, BrandyWhen Nadine Velazquez — Until we go on our world tour.Although the series has not been done yet Renewal in the second seasonIt already covers many areas in reflecting the reality of the music industry.

“Queens” is one of the few network shows that has come to honestly portray obstacles and challenges. Music woman.. Norton, who has first-hand experience in her industry, tells POPSUGAR that the show incorporates her own account as a former member of a girl group in the 2000s. 3LW.. “I talked about some of my previous girl group worries, but when I got a job, [the writers] Was like,’You’re like the only person who actually lives this [experience]”She explains. “So I think a lot of it was implemented in the story …” Queens “is more than just a pleasing show. It’s also a very relevant show of what’s happening right now. “

“This show was really fascinated by the fact that the colored women were to cheer each other up and come together to bring each other back together when the world collapsed.”

The 13-episode series explores a variety of inspiring topics through the protagonist and a few guest performers.From that sexual assault case Remy Ma Lady Z Experience with industry executives Adult guardianship It’s portrayed by Ellis Bell’s Madison Pierce, and “Queens” becomes a reality about what’s happening behind the scenes of the music business. However, this series also prioritizes the close relationships between women and the bonds we form in our sister relationships.

“I was really fascinated by the fact that this show was about women of color cheering and gathering together and building each other again when the world destroyed them,” Norton says. .. “The whole sister relationship theme is really fascinating to me, because when I see a four-colored woman at a show, it could be Catty or have negative energy and drama.” Working with veterans like Eve Brandy gave Norton a sister circle off the screen. The actor is grateful that “Queens” has provided such an expression to other women. “‘Queens’ makes women and black women in particular feel like they are,” she says. “I’m happy to be part of that movement, the Queens movement.”


For Norton character Jill, her life has reached 180 completely at the show as a housewife turned into a superstar who discovers her true identity. Through Jill’s journey, which involves experiencing a whirlwind divorce, embracing her sexuality, and confronting her judgmental father, viewers are confident that she will still be fighting, but will find comfort. I’ve seen them transform into 40-year-old women and overcome them. “I think Jill drew such a complete journey and an amazing arc,” Norton says. “I always say I’m really grateful to Jill and her journey, because I think it’s never too late for other women and I should never apologize for being myself. I think this is one of the most powerful remarks. How to make a character: She doesn’t apologize. By the end of the season she will be: I am myself I’m proud of. “

“I always say I’m really grateful to Jill and her journey, because I think it’s never too late for other women and I should never apologize for being myself. . “

Norton understands that her character will experience at the show, especially as a music artist fighting to maintain their identity. “We’re not, but I have something to do with Jill like an artist,” she says. “When I was in a girl group, it was basically like the image I had was given to me, so I taught me what to wear, how to dress, and how to talk. I always felt like I was. Jill felt it. I did a lot in the 90’s … but over time you asked, “Who is it really me?” Not. That’s what people expect from me. M Return to your music … an opportunity to create your own image and your own sense of self, a difficult discovery. Jill must experience ups and downs. I had to be involved, so I can be involved. I’m also on a journey to find myself musically. “

Norton loved not only talking about Jill, but also being able to balance the drama with the original music played by the cast. and, Music plays in the background What’s happening in each episode is just as important as the scripted conversation. “We play music every week, and the music is like a story,” Norton says. “I always see’Queens’ as a musical drama on Dope TV. You have the opportunity to tell a story to music .. There are fun musical moments dancing and someone falls into a hole in the stage Maybe it happens in “Queens”. And I think part of that joy is to make it interesting while being serious. “

If “Queens” is confirmed for the next season, Norton will have a series Beauty standards The exposure of women in the music industry. “I would like to explore how we project, what beauty is, especially in urban communities ….. there was a particular girl you would say in the 90’s. [have] With an exotic look, she acts as a lead video girl and you’re just a background girl. So I think it’s good to explore some of the problems we know, but we’re just afraid to talk.

Naturi Naughton plays Jill in ABC’s Queens

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