NBA Draft 2022: What Paolo Banchero Brings to Magic

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The Orlando magic I started NBA Draft night in a dramatic way when they choose Paolo Banchero With the number one pick. But was it really shocking?

Magic has earned the most NBA-ready talent in this draft class in first place because of the roster, which is in great need of eye-catching players who can help organizations start winning the game right away.Sure, Orlando didn’t solve Banchero, but they watch 39 games Dukes Not to mention the ties with Mike Miller, the agent Magic chose 5th overall in 2000 for the Final Four Seasons.

Duke’s Paolo Banchero was selected as No. 1 overall

Orlando Magic chose Duke’s Paolo Banchero, who ranked first overall in the NBA Draft last night. Skip and Shannon share the biggest points from the NBA Draft.

There are many holes in Orlando, but the future begins with finding a dynamic and explosive playmaker on the offensive edge of the floor that has the potential to be a superstar. This is the team with the second most aggressive rating in the NBA last season at 103.9.

The frame of Bancello is exceptional. At 6 feet-10 pounds and 250 pounds, he has a unique blend of strength and maneuverability. Unlike many newcomers, he doesn’t need time to develop his body — it’s a finished product.

Duke played Banchero alone on his way to the regional title, with Team 2 All-American and ACC Rookie of the Year playing in all 39 contests. His durability, ability to withstand contact, and consistent tough shotmaking give him the potential to become an NBA multidimensional scorer. As a post-up scorer, Banchero can punish his team to switch on and has one of the best midrange jumpers in the draft class.

Especially encouraging is that Duke’s superstar is also a great distributor at his size. In the last 17 games of the season, Banchero averaged 4 assists per game. This is where Banchero can be a major part of the team — he was really comfortable reading the situation and finding open people, making others around him better.

So what exactly determines the Bancello limit at the association? Surrounding shots.

Banchero shot only 33% across the arc this past season and had a hard time finding consistency in the division. There was a flash of what he could do around him, but it will take some time for him to fully develop in this area.

His defensive skill set is another area where he needs to grow. Banchero is an attacker on the attacking side, and although only a handful are on the alert, his physique has been occasionally beaten by dribbles. Banchero hasn’t made great strides in these areas, but he can go from second in quality to first in the franchise.

Magic certainly believes Banchero can be the headliner and he hasn’t evolved.

“This is one of the underreported things about Paolo (Banchero), and because of his precocious physique, there is no place to grow,” said Jeff Weltman, president of basketball operations, Thursday. “I feel this is a 19 year old with very high growth potential. I think he was the best player in college basketball. He is diligent and will continue to grow for the next few years. Believe me. Unbelievably talented. He will be one of the guys made for playoff basketball. ”

Magic head coach Jamal Mosley focuses on not only making Banchero a success, but also putting him in the best position to benefit everyone around him. Mosley’s idea of ​​who Banchero is as a person also stands out.

“From day one, we’ve always talked with our peers about IQ, personality, diversity, and the idea of ​​victory,” Mosley said. “(Banchero) fits all of this. The character of the members of this team, (Banchero) fits it. That’s what we’re building and we’ll continue to build.”

Orlando is trying to answer many questions when trying to rebuild. Franz Wagner As the biggest positive result from the powerful All-Rookie First Team season.It would be interesting to see anything Markelle Fultz (1st overall in 2017) Looks like a healthy season, how are the players in their second year? Jalen Suggs (5th overall in 2021) Reacts from his ankle injury. However, this roster needs something close to draft and definitive, and Banchero should be able to make an immediate impact.

“There will be high expectations for myself that I will hold myself and everyone will hold myself,” Banchero said. “But I feel like I’m not used to it. It was the same until I graduated from high school. There were a lot of expectations. It was like a lifetime.”

In Orlando, Magic and its fans want Bancello’s strong track record to continue.

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NBA Draft 2022: What Paolo Banchero Brings to Magic

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