NBA Young Boy and his child’s mother Arcola exchange ardent words online

Huh!Not so good words NBA Young Boy Arcola, the mother of her son’s frog. Things popped out when Arcola shared a screenshot of a text message with YoungBoy to his Instagram account. According to her, NBA YoungBoy “begged” to see her son, got angry at the jokes in the picture, and then asked him to pick him up.

Revealed heated text

“You are weak a ** b *** h. Arcola is a text sent to NBA YoungBoy and is saved as TopToxic in her contacts.” Now you are angry and he has to leave. Hmm. I would be there if no one could do it when I got there, as someone said I’d be so busy that he would bring him.

The previous message is the first of some shared text exchanges. In response, NBA YoungBoy said nothing to Arcola. The second screenshot shows NBA Young Boy asking Arcola to meet Kaell on January 5th. When she asks when she wants to see a frog, the rapper writes “now” at over 50w.

Arcola also shared a screenshot of the flight search at United, but the result was zero. “Lord, please,” Arcola wrote in the flight information photo. She says NBA YoungBoy was upset by the photos she posted with her pockets on the floor.

“Kentrelwire? This 9-5 isn’t enough,” Arcola wrote in the caption of a photo of her lying on the ground.

She goes on to call YoungBoy “bitter” and “this year’s fake ** father.” In the additional screenshot, the artist asks Arcola to bring Kaell on January 13th. She replied that she would bring him in a few days, but Kentrell claims to come on the same day. He even advises her to tell her workplace that she has a Covid-19, and it refuses what she does.

Immediately after posting the text, Arcola removed the text from the Instagram story. Apparently, however, NBA YoungBoy told her to share the message with the text “Bam b *** h tell the world to stop sending me text messages.”

“He literally made me sick and everyone in his camp was able to do all that back idgaf f ** k,” Arcola wrote with a shared message.

In another post, she clarified why she had Kaell visit NBA Young Boy.

“The only reason I let go of the frog for the first time is because I didn’t want to feel bitter,” Arcola wrote. “And again, he needed to know his dad, but I tried, and it’s out the window.”

NBA YoungBoy responds

Like Arcola, NBA YoungBoy decided to go to Instagram with a text message post.

“I know what kind of internet game you are playing, but I’m not thanks to you. I don’t want a baby with you,” YoungBoy wrote. It has been. “I didn’t tell you, but I accepted the responsibility. Y’all ho * s play baby games and try to come for some s * t I earned . Y’all is not enough female or can’t ride y’allsh * t.

He also tells Arcola to pick up his son in the morning.

Arcola and her Normal jobs

Just a few days ago, Arcola explained to her social media followers why she was still doing her normal job. The mother said that the financial responsibility for caring for her son lies not only with Kentrell, but with her parents.

“So can’t I work because my son’s father got the money? I could now call him whatever I wanted. Working is my choice. We Are both parents … why did I get him to do everything for my son? It’s like cheating on my eye test. I just take care of my son. I’m going. If that guy goes out now, I can take care of my son. F * ck? I’m also a parent, I got some money. He may be more than me, He is not the only one who has money. “

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NBA Young Boy and his child’s mother Arcola exchange ardent words online

Source link NBA Young Boy and his child’s mother Arcola exchange ardent words online

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