Need more EMS workers in Collier County

Collier County

Twelve positions have been added to Collier County’s Emergency Medical Services sector to keep pace with the county’s growth and reduce the amount of overtime for workers.

Within the last year and a half, Collier EMS call volume has increased by more than 11%. The increase has resulted in more than 2.6 million existing EMS employees in Collier County, working overtime for approximately 80,000 hours over the past year.

These additional 12 positions within the department cost over 1.1 million annually. Collier County Commissioner Rick Locastro says this is not only a cheaper option, but also a safer option.

“Not paying for overtime actually saves money,” Locastro said. “But more importantly, we want to be able to choose from more staff. [Collier County EMS Chief Tabatha Butcher] Mentioned us in her presentation, and it was also in her executive summary, that her staff is tired. And a year ago, people were raising their hands for overtime. Not so many now, you know they are tired. “

Locastro states that these positions are not about strengthening or going beyond the EMS department. Butcher told the commissioner that he was trying to get the department exactly where it was needed as the volume of calls increased.

“It’s great when everyone volunteers to work longer, but you want everyone with their best performance,” Locastro said. “By staffing 100% of our ready-to-use teams, we can reduce talk times and use our emergency medical teams more efficiently.”

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Need more EMS workers in Collier County

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