NeNe Leakes says Marlo Hampton won’t get peaches.

for example Marlo Hampton Not an official full-time cast member of. Real housewives Last season she definitely brought a drama like no other! That said, the OG housewife, Nene Leakes Do you think she has a chance to get a peach or do you think she deserves it?

As fans may remember, during a bachelorette trip last season, viewers and cast were shocked to see Marlo and Kenya Moore reconcile.

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Marlo was on Kenya’s side when Kenya decided to expose Porsha Williams as one of the stars believed to have been associated with stripper Boro.

As a result, Marlo accused other celebrities of lying when Posha claimed that nothing would happen between her and Boro!

In addition, Marlo was surprised to sit between OG Kenya and Posha at the table during a dinner with Big Friedia in New Orleans.

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At one point, she was also accused of riding the NeNe Leakes “Coattail” for years.

By the way, NeNe hasn’t been part of the cast since September last year, but I think she’s in the show, as Beyonce starred in Destiny’s Child.

Seeing her still being told by other women, it’s no wonder she thinks that way!

That said, what RHOA Beyonce himself is thinking about Marlo’s chance to get a peach?

In an interview with the Hollywood Unlocked podcast, host Jason Lee claimed that Marlo felt like he had acquired a full-time place for the cast long ago.

However, NeNe replied: The reason I disagree is that if you’ve been doing something for a long time, I don’t think the network is giving you peaches. I’m talking about which network I’m talking about. It’s about how you’re watching and how your TV works. You have already offered everything for this amount of payment. Why do they need to give you peaches? What will change? What can I get if I give you a peach? “

NeNe Leakes says Marlo Hampton won’t get peaches.

Source link NeNe Leakes says Marlo Hampton won’t get peaches.

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