Netflix cancels Grand Army after one season

There’s bad news for fans who want Netflix to partner Loose end in the second season of Grand army.. June 17 variety Reported that the streaming service had Canceled teen drama Only one season later.Roughly based on Katie Capiello’s 2013 Slut: PlayThe show, premiered on October 16, 2020, follows the lives of five students at Brooklyn’s largest public high school.a few problems Grand army First (and only) season efforts include systematic racism, sexual assault, intercountry adoption, sexuality, and feminism.

TheĀ· The show was not without controversyAs back in September 2020, playwright and screenwriter Ming Peiffer quoted a trailer on allegations of abusive treatment she and other color writers received in the writer’s room. did. “Me and, Stopped due to racist exploitation and abuse.. Showrunner and creator went to full Karen and called Netflixhr to a black writer in the room to have a haircut. Yes, you read it correctly. Who wants to interview us? “Pfeiffer said in a tweet. Slave playJeremy O. Harris replied on September 9th: I’m still fed up with this showrunnerPfeiffer then replied, “It’s going to be very deep … I’ve heard more from her ex-students and colleagues since I tweeted this. A really confused individual who was promoted and made possible. . “

There is never an answer as to how the school reacts to the threat of Leila’s fake bomb, or whether Sid and Victor can love each other publicly, but it’s probably the best.

Netflix cancels Grand Army after one season

Source link Netflix cancels Grand Army after one season

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