Netflix squid games were mostly given other names

Squid game Officially the most watched series on Netflix Did you know that so far it has been named almost completely different?In an interview with Hollywood ReporterKim Min-young, Netflix’s Vice President of Content for Asia Pacific, revealed What the show title looks like..

“”Squid game, Also ojingeo In Korean, it’s a real kids game here, but not all Koreans really know it. My generation knows that, but my niece’s generation probably doesn’t, “she explained. Squid game Many people can’t get it, so it won’t resonate.So we went by title Round 6 Instead, I hope it will be more general and help convey the content of the show to people. The game has 6 rounds. ”

However, Director Hwang Dong Hyuk Proposed to return the title to later Squid game “It’s a unique show and this game is the essence.” “I think the more real titles really worked,” Kim said. “title, Squid gameAlong with the eye-catching artwork, it really attracts interest in our service. Especially for viewers who have never seen a Korean show but are looking for something fun. .. .. ..I’m glad that the fan director brought us back Squid game — Arouses curiosity and captures the story well. “

Since its premiere on September 17th Squid game Watched by 111 million members in just 25 days BridgertonPrevious record of 82 million households within 28 days of release. If you haven’t checked out yet, please check out as soon as possible.

Netflix squid games were mostly given other names

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