Nets recovers from a 21-point deficit but still falls to Bucks in Game 3

No one predicted a huge defensive struggle before the Milwaukee-Eastern Conference semi-final series, Nets and Bucks, the two highest-scoring powerhouses in the NBA. But that happened when Bucks decided to play rough after losing the first two games at Barclays Center.

In the end, Kevin Durant’s unbalanced three-point shot ended in a draw, but Bucks broke the Nets series with a fierce victory 86-83, rattling behind the rim. I stood up. We will have a 2v1 match on Thursday night at the Fiserv Forum.

After counterattacking from a 21-point deficit in the first quarter, Nets took a short lead late in the third quarter and returned to the front again with a 70-69 in Kyrie Irving’s midrange jumper, leaving 10:56 left. However, the cold shots by both teams continued to be sluggish in the fourth quarter, resulting in an intolerable stretch run.

After Durant’s midrange jumper tied 76 points with 6 minutes and 09 seconds remaining, Bucks missed the next 6 shots and Netz missed 4 shots to score a turnover. With three minutes remaining, Chris Middleton and Durant swapped jumpers and the game drew two more times, but Durant’s three-point shot gave Nets an 83-80 lead, leaving one minute and 23 seconds left.

Bucks took two stops and led the Jrue Holiday layup 84 to 83 in 11.4 seconds. However, Blake Griffin’s inbound pass was knocked out by Irving and passed to Bruce Brown. After two middleton foul shots, Durant missed three off-balances with a buzzer.

Game over, series on.

Durant topped the net with 30 points, but shot 11 out of 28 and added 11 rebounds, with Irving 22 points and Brown 16 points total, 11 rebounds. Nets shot 36.2% overall and 25.0% three times (8-32). However, Joe Harris scored a total of three goals and shot one out of eleven shots from the field. Middleton led the Bucks with 35 points and 15 rebounds, while Adetokumbo scored 33 points and 14 boards. However, Bucks shot only 37.8% overall and only 19.4% from three (6-31).

Neither team had more than five points in the second half, but both teams were very emotional. After being called by PJ Tucker for fouling Durant in the third quarter, Tucker began complaining about the call. This caused Tucker and Durant to mock each other when they met, and authorities called the two players double technical.

Two days after the 2-0 home sweep, Nets had time to prepare for games 3 and 4 in Milwaukee, losing to Bucks in the regular season on May 2nd and 4th. Nets blew the lead in the fourth quarter. In both of these games, it seemed to have influenced their sense of purpose in the first two games of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Looking back on his previous defeats against Bucks, Nets coach Steve Nash said, “We first realize how talented they are, how good this team is and what they haven’t done yet. I think it was. We held a home court. That’s it. Tonight’s approach is great and we are delighted in a variety of ways, and first and foremost, with an incredibly intense and competitive effort. You have to win with. “

Nets wasn’t ready for the fierce storm that involved them, even though they said they were aiming for the best shot of Bucks. Bucks overwhelmed Nets and just before the end of the opening period 30 With a 9-to-9 lead, Adetokumpo and Middleton teamed up to score all Bucks points (15 points each).

Nets shot five out of 25 pathetic shots in the first quarter, but Durant’s last shot pushed him into double digits, followed by a 22-3 extra time until the second period, with a 33-to-net deficit. Shrinked to 33. 31. Bucks paid little defensive attention to Brown on a short roll and made Brown pay 10 points on the stretch. Netz’s defense also raised some notches in the second quarter. During the Nets run, Bucks shot one out of thirteen and recorded four turnovers.

In half-time, Bucks’ lead remained at 45-42, despite keeping Irving and Durant together at 17 points. Durant had 2 out of 10 in the first half.

At 5:02 in the third quarter, Durant hit 3 and temporarily drew the game at 57. With 1:05 remaining, Brown hit the floater with a feed from Durant, 65- to Nets. He gave his first lead at 64. But the quarter ended with Durant clinging to a 67-65 lead in a surprisingly low-scoring match between the NBA’s two most prolific offenses.

Nets recovers from a 21-point deficit but still falls to Bucks in Game 3

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