Nets shot at once in the third game, which lost to Bucks

In Game 2 of the Milwaukee-Eastern Conference Semifinals, Nets won the franchise playoff record 39, keeping Bucks’ NBA best-score offense down to 86 points. Nets repeated that feat in Game 3 at the Fiesab Forum on Thursday night. Bucks dropped to 86 points, but scored the season’s lowest 83 points, closing the series lead to 2-1.

It was a dramatic turnaround on the Nets attackers. Nets scored an average of 120 points in the first two games of the series and shot out, but in Game 3 Bucks completely removed him from the comfort zone in the first quarter.

Kyrie Irving said, “They have done what they need to do. They had to aggressively turn their backs on the wall and survive the storm.” “They definitely hunted us down by just catching up with the rest of the game, scoring big timely shots and moving us forward.

“But I had a chance to the end. It was a possession-by-possession match. Both teams were fighting, so it’s a good old-fashioned playoff match.”

Both teams shot less than 38.0% overall, with 19.4% shooting from Bucks’ 3-point range (31-6) even worse than Nets’ 25.0% effort (32-8).

As Nets coach Steve Nash said, “Someone was going to win ugly. They were tonight.”

The fourth match will take place on Sunday afternoon at the Fiserv Forum. Nash said he and his coaching staff would study the film to find out what went wrong. They can start in the fourth quarter. Kevin Durant scored 11 points with 5 out of 9 shots, while the remaining Nets scored only 7 points with 3 out of 15 shots.

Khris Middleton scored Bucks after Durant gave Nets an 83-80 lead with 1:23 left, Joe Harris suffered a miserable night of a 1-11 shot, and Open 3 went in and out. did. Jrue Holiday then made a go-ahead layup with 11.4 seconds left, and Nash called the time to start playing.

However, Blake Griffin’s inbound pass veered to the other side of the court, and Irving was lucky enough to pick it up but swarm and didn’t shoot. Missed a shot in the rim with 6.4 seconds remaining, but Nets fouled Middleton with 2.1 seconds remaining.

Questions were raised as to why Nets couldn’t steal the ball to Durant or Irving in the last minute, but they actually tried it, but simply failed to do it. Brown scored 16 points all night. He was a great player with 11 rebounds, but after scoring 7 out of 11 in the first 3 quarters, he only scored 1 out of 6 in the 4th quarter.

“It’s a well-known fact that we want Kevin and Kai to shoot the ball, but if they don’t get free, we have to play right,” Nash said. “So they played right … they can handle these moments well. I think it was a great test for us and we learned a lot.

Irving discussed the scramble situation that led him to pass Brown in the last few seconds, saying, “Usually Bruce is in the best position to put something in the rim, but it didn’t work tonight. It’s not his fault, it’s not anyone’s fault. We just have to do it. They really had the physical with us to the end and made it tough, so we have to praise them. I can’t.

“This is old-fashioned playoff basketball. We feel we did a good job to protect them. They feel they did a good job to protect us. Therefore, Game 4 Should be special. “

Nets shot at once in the third game, which lost to Bucks

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