New business owner in St. Petersburg kicked out of store

ST. Pettersburg, Florida — A new business owner on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg says the landlord was forced to look for a new store after 30 days’ notice.

Starting in 2019, ABC Action News reports that St. Pete’s entrepreneurs are facing more problems, including moving and more rent payments.

“We always say,’I have a dream,’ but in reality I live in that dream,” said Jasmine El Hadad.

For El Hadad, the American dream is a squeak.

“I’ve never seen a store like this. I want to support it,” she said.

Elhaddad runs “Pure With Love” and makes most of her products.

It has been going well since we chartered the store in January. Then earlier this month, her landlord wanted to make her space and decided she needed to vacate the property.

“Basically, they can give 30 days’ notice for whatever reason, and that’s it,” El Hadad said.

There are two weeks left before Elhaddad leaves the store. And when that area doubles, or even triples, small business owners are usually discounted from that area.

“I’m always proud of people coming. I feel this is a safe haven, so not being there right now is one of my biggest fears.” She said.

ABC Action News talked to the city’s business and development managers to see the resources available to business owners.

“They aren’t alone. We’re going to be with them. We try to provide resources and information. We can run reports and make connections,” said Jessica Eyerman. It was.

Eilerman says he needs to check “Greenhouse”. This is an initiative under her department for small businesses.

Meanwhile, El Hadad Gofundme wanting to raise money This is to cover the cost of moving and maintaining operations.

“The rent is over, but love is never over[es]”El Hadad said.

El Hadad says he plans to wholesale and sell soap. online Stay floating

New business owner in St. Petersburg kicked out of store

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