New clinical manifestations identified in the largest international case series of confirmed monkeypox cases

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The case series, which is the result of international cooperation across 16 countries, was released today (July 21, 2022). New England Journal of Medicine (((NEJM). This study identifies new clinical manifestations of monkeypox infection. This helps in future diagnosis and slows the spread of the infection. It was implemented in response to a new global health threat and is the largest case series to date, with 528 cases at 43 sites between April 27 and June 24, 2022. We are reporting on confirmed infections in.

The current spread of the virus has disproportionately affected gay and bisexual men, with 98% of infected people in this group. In most of these cases, sexual proximity is the most likely route of transmission, but researchers have found that the virus is in close physics via large respiratory droplets, and in some cases through clothing and other surfaces. It emphasizes that it can be transmitted by physical contact.

I have Global shortage Both vaccines and treatments for humans Monkeypox infection. The results of this study, which includes identifying people at highest risk of infection, will help support a global response to the virus. Public health interventions targeting high-risk groups may help detect and delay the spread of the virus. Recognizing illness, performing contact tracing, and advising people to isolate them will be an important element of a public health response.

Many of the infected individuals reviewed in the study exhibited symptoms not recognized by the current medical definition of monkeypox. These symptoms include single genital lesions and pain in the mouth and anus. The clinical symptoms are similar to those of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and can lead to misdiagnosis. Some people have been hospitalized to manage pain and dysphagia due to anal and mouth symptoms. This recognizes these new clinical symptoms and Healthcare professional You need to be educated on how to identify and manage your illness. Misdiagnosis can delay detection and interfere with efforts to control the spread of the virus. Therefore, this study leads to an improved rate of diagnosis when people in the at-risk group show symptoms of traditional sexually transmitted diseases.

Public health measures such as enhanced testing and education should be developed and implemented in collaboration with risky groups to ensure proper and non-stigmatic and avoid messages that could drive outbreaks underground. need to do it.

Chloe Orkin, Professor of HIV Medicine at Queen Mary University of London and Director of SHARE Collaborative, said: Doctors from 16 countries can now share their wealth of clinical experience and many clinical photographs to help other doctors in low-case areas. We have extended the current international case definition to indicate that symptoms that are not currently included need to be added. Pain in the mouth, anal mucosa, and single ulcers It is important to make a diagnosis because these particular symptoms are severe and can lead to hospitalization. Expanding the definition of a case makes it easier for doctors to recognize the infection and prevent people. Given the global constraints on the supply of vaccines and antivirals for this chronically underfunded and neglected tropical infection, prevention is important in limiting the global spread of smallpox infections in human monkeys. It continues to be a great tool. “

Dr. John Thornhill, a sexual health and HIV consultant doctor and senior clinical lecturer at the Barts NHS Health Trust and Queen Mary University of London, said: infection In the traditional sense; it can be obtained through close physical contact of all kinds.But our work suggests that most transmissions so far are related to Sexual activity— Mainly, but not exclusively, among men who have sex with men. This research study will help us better understand how it spreads and the groups in which it spreads, help us identify new cases quickly, and enable us to provide preventative strategies such as vaccines to higher-risk individuals.

“In addition, we identified new clinical manifestations in monkeypox patients. Various skin problems and rashes were expected, but 1 in 10 had only a single skin lesion in the genital area and 15% in the anus. And / or rectal pain These various symptoms emphasize that monkeypox infections can be overlooked or easily confused with common sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis and herpes. , It is advisable to broaden the current case definition.

“The monkeypox virus was found in most of the semen samples tested in monkeypox patients, but this is accidental because it is not known to be present at a level sufficient to promote sexually transmitted infections. There may be. More work is needed. To better understand this. “

Dr. Keleso Makofane, a Health and Human Rights Fellow at Harvard University, said, “Whenever the monkeypox virus emerged, we tested the ability of public health systems to respond decisively and urgently in an emergency. We are pleased to be part of a group that has worked hard to collect and share information with our public health community. ”

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Monkeypox virus infection in humans in 16 countries — April-June 2022, New England Journal of Medicine (2022). DOI: 10.1056 / NEJMoa2207323

Quote: The new clinical manifestations identified in the largest international case series of confirmed monkey pox cases (July 21, 2022) are https: // Obtained from international-case.html on July 21, 2022

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New clinical manifestations identified in the largest international case series of confirmed monkeypox cases

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