New discoveries support reusable helmet padding

Liquid nanofoams “stretch” like solids and flow out of nanopore tubes. Potential uses for reusable pads include football helmets and wearable technology. Credit: Mingzhe Li

Researchers at Michigan State University have made great discoveries while developing reusable liquid nanofoam materials for football helmets, while providing materials that are very close to practical use in a variety of applications.

Weiyi Lu, an associate professor of civil engineering and environmental engineering, and his researcher, Ming zhe Li, said that liquids Nanopore It works like a solid. The liquid pulls itself apart to stretch a portion of the saltwater toffee, creating a thin “neck” in the center of the nanopore, which eventually breaks and drains the liquid from both ends of the nanopore.

This discovery has a major impact on the prototype design of liquid nanopore pads, which are more effective and elastic than foam pads.

“Previous research has shown how the liquid flowed into the nanopores, and now we know how the liquid flows out,” Lu said. “The laboratory testing and simulation work of Baoxing Xu, an associate professor at the University of Virginia, and Yuan Gao, a PhD scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, helped us make this important discovery.

New discoveries mean that liquid nanopore materials can reach their goals of being reusable, flexible and more comfortable. Future liquid nanofoam devices have the potential to have potential applications for monitoring health in cars and wearable devices outside the football field.

The study was published in the journal on December 15th. Matter..

Liquid Nanofoam: Future Football Helmet Game Changer

For more information:
Yuan Gao et al, anomalous solid-like necking of confined water outflows within hydrophobic nanopores, Matter (2021). DOI: 10.1016 / j.matt.2021.11.023

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New discoveries support reusable helmet padding

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