New research provides insights into new tomato viruses and advice on popular resistance

Typical symptoms of tomato and pepper tomato brown Legoth fruit virus infection. Credits: Bidisha Chanda, Andrea Gilliard, Namrata Jaiswal, Kai-Shu Ling

Tomato Brown Legoth Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) is a new virus that damages not only tomatoes, but also other crops, including peppers. In a recent study, Dr. Ling and colleagues from the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Charleston, South Carolina, comprehensively evaluated two key characteristics of tomatoes: experimental host range and disease resistance. An experiment was conducted.

Dr. Lin and colleagues compared ToBR FV with two related viruses (tomato mottle mosaic). virus And tomato mosaic virus) better understand epidemiological factors and identify host plant species that can be used to distinguish between these three viruses. They also found that all three viruses could infect tomatoes. Disease resistance gene Tm-22..

“Our results show for the first time that current tomato varieties are vulnerable to the new ToBR FV and the other two. Related viruses“Dr. Kaishurin explained.

Dr. Lin and his team have also developed a molecular detection tool that makes it easier to identify specific pests. This new detection tool helps identify infectious virus particles attached to contaminated seeds and prevent newly germinated seedling diseases.

Both sensitive detection tools and knowledge of ToBR FV generated by this study should help stakeholders better assess the risks associated with this emerging infectious disease and recommend appropriate disease management strategies. .. For more information on the Tomato Brown Legoth Fruit Virus, read “Comparative Analysis of Host Ranges, Ability to Infect Tomato Cultivars”. Tm-22 Tomato Brown Legoth Fruit Virus Gene and Real-time Reverse Transcription PCR Detection ” Plant disease.

A single protein sequence change has made the tomato virus a global crop pandemic.

For more information:
Bidisha Chanda et al, comparative analysis of host range, ability to infect tomato growers with the Tm-22 gene, and real-time reverse transcription PCR detection of tomato brownle goose fruit virus, Plant disease (2021). DOI: 10.1094 / PDIS-05-20-1070-RE

Courtesy of the American Society of Plant Pathology

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New research provides insights into new tomato viruses and advice on popular resistance

Source link New research provides insights into new tomato viruses and advice on popular resistance

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