New York City Mayor Eric Adams praises subway attack heroes for alleged shooter Frank R. James being detained without bail

New York City (WABC)-Frontline MTA workers who helped rescue operations during a subway shooting in Brooklyn on Tuesday received a special declaration at the New York City Hall on Friday morning.

Mayor Eric Adams, who continues to be quarantined after being tested positive for COVID-19, effectively presided over the ceremony.

“I want to thank some of the heroes on the scene today,” he said. “We will continue to thank them for the next few days for the actions they took during this difficult time.”

Winners included MTA R and N train drivers and conductors affected by the incident, as well as MTA bus drivers who assisted the victims.

“Your actions show what’s great about the services you provide every day, especially those you provide in times of crisis,” Adams said. “As a former traffic police officer, I have witnessed how often you stand up on that occasion during difficult times. You are anthropomorphizing the great things about our subway system and our entire MTA system.”

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The winners then left the city hall with a framed proclamation and talked about what they witnessed and experienced during the horrific trials.

“They didn’t bang, so I thought they were just knocking on the door to find directions,” said train driver David Artis. “So I don’t think anything will happen, but I had to stop the train because it was crossing in front of me, so everyone is at my taxi door, so at the taxi door I looked out .. “

Train conductor Raven Haynes was quickly wasted.

“My point was to make sure my rider was safe,” Haynes said. “I never thought about my own safety. I just wanted to make sure the passengers were safe.”

B37 bus driver Parla Meija didn’t hesitate and spent a lot of time.

“That day, I worked from 5 am to midnight,” said Media. She said, “I skipped a meal and kept the bus running.”

The ceremony took place while the suspect’s archer, Frank R. James, remained in prison unrestrained.

He first appeared in federal court in Brooklyn on Thursday, wore a gas mask, fired a smoke grenade, and faced federal charges after firing on a crowded subway train in Sunset Park. He did not enter the plea.

The judge did not rule out future bail applications, but he was ordered to be detained on a permanent detention order.

US Federal Prosecutor’s Assistant Sara Winick said that 62-year-old James, who may have been detained on Wednesday after being found wandering in the East Village and reported to police, terrorized the entire city. I told the judge.

“The defendant fired at the passengers of a horribly crowded subway train and interrupted their morning commute in a way the city hadn’t seen for more than 20 years,” she said. “The defendant’s attack was planned, carefully planned, and caused fear for the victims and our entire city. The mere presence of the defendant, not under federal control, poses a serious risk to the community. Should be detained until trial. “

The judge agreed and denied James’ bail for the time being.

“Complaints speak for themselves,” he said.

Mia Eisner Greenberg, a lawyer appointed in James’ court, has agreed to be detained without bail for now, but could later seek bail.

Law enforcement officials believe investigators may have rushed to the alleged attack by James, with new details revealed in ABC News just hours after James appeared in court.

Investigators work to determine if James intended to carry out the attack when the train was pulled into 36th Street Station, or if he somehow smoked earlier than he intended the smoke grenade. I’m out.

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James made no remarks in the arrested police officers or in the precincts, which is the path investigators are investigating.

It is believed that when the subway car was full of smoke, James knelt on one knee to avoid the rise of smoke and fired from a crouched position. Investigators believe that is why most of the gunshot wounds were on his legs or hands.

A federal prosecutor said in a court filed prior to his appearance that James wore a helmet and a construction worker-style jacket in disguise and took them off after shooting to avoid recognition. , Calculated the shooting and called it “fully planned”.

Prosecutors pointed out that James had ammunition and other gun-related items in Philadelphia’s storage unit, suggesting that there was a way to carry out more attacks.

James’ long arrest record may appear “unobtrusive,” but they are those who “tend to go against authority and are unable or unwilling to obey his actions. He said he was drawing a picture of.

Prosecutors called him “a serious and ongoing risk to the community.”

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams praises subway attack heroes for alleged shooter Frank R. James being detained without bail

Source link New York City Mayor Eric Adams praises subway attack heroes for alleged shooter Frank R. James being detained without bail

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