New York City Offers Second COVID Vaccine at Public Schools in Omicron Concerns

New York City (WABC) -In Overwhelming Demand-And With Growing Concerns About New Omicron Variants-New York City is offering a second COVID vaccination in public schools today.

These in-school vaccination clinics were so popular in the first round earlier this month that the city decided to return to hundreds of schools, including Gramercy’s PS40.

The clinic will provide a second dose of Pfizer vaccine to children up to the age of five.

Currently, only 16 percent of New York City school kids aged 5 to 11 have their first shots, and authorities want to dramatically increase those numbers.

The city’s popular $ 100 vaccine incentive applies to young people vaccinated at city-operated sites, including schools.

School vaccination schedules can be found at Schools.nyc.gov/COVID19, And school leaders are also sending home communications with students.

Meanwhile, four months after the city held a major reopening concert, Mayor Bill de Blasio is asking people to put their masks back on.

The city strongly encourages people to wear masks in all indoor environments amid growing concerns about Omicron variants.

It’s easy to cover your face in a grocery store or mall, but what about a gym or bar? With these settings, many people are less likely to wear a mask.

And the mayor said this wasn’t mandatory-at least not yet.

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“We have issued mask recommendations to formally say in more ways than before. It’s time to use masks in many settings,” he said. “But an important strategy is vaccination. Of course, if something changes, mask mandate is an option. But it’s not what we’re currently using.”

The mayor states that 88% of adults in New York City have been shot at least once and nearly a million have been boosted.

So far, there have been no confirmed cases of the omicron variant in New York, but experts say this is only a matter of time and initial data suggest that this variant may spread more easily than the delta variant. It suggests that.

Health experts say your best defenses remain vaccination and boost immunization.

“I don’t know exactly what’s going on with this variant, but once vaccinated, boosted and elevated, it’s protection against at least some serious illness,” he said.

And Dr. David Chokshi, New York City Health Commissioner, said it would definitely get people’s attention. The virus has mutated.

Another reason to get vaccinated.

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New York City Offers Second COVID Vaccine at Public Schools in Omicron Concerns

Source link New York City Offers Second COVID Vaccine at Public Schools in Omicron Concerns

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