New York Mayor Eric Adams Approves Governor Kathy Hokul for the term

New York City (WABC)-New York Mayor Eric Adams approved Governor Kathy Hokul in the New York Governor’s election on Wednesday.

Adams made the announcement in collaboration with the Governor of the Democratic Party of New York City.

“Before I took office, Governor Hokuru and I soon realized that we shared the same priorities: public security, childcare, housing, and more affordable New York. It’s a priority for working people, “said Adams. “Since then, Governor Hokur has been a true partner and has worked for the New Yorkers every day, which has had real consequences. He has been doing this work with Governor Hokuru for years, making this city and state. We look forward to working together to lift it to new heights. “

Democrat Adams, who took office in January, is a former police officer, and his harsh message about crime sets him apart from the city’s progressives, and his leadership is decisive as the city tackles rising violence. It has become a theme.

This is a massive support for the governor, who is not from the state but needs to win, and is more strict against gun crime, including after Hokur’s mass shootings in his hometown of Buffalo. And because she promised to take, and from both democratic and republican challengers facing pushbacks, to do more to tackle the crime.

“Mayor Adams and I are demonstrating what a strong partnership can achieve when leaders unite to bring results to the New Yorker,” Hokul said. “Since taking office, we have worked together to tackle some of the city’s most pressing issues, from public security to housing to returning to the economic trajectory. We are a state focused on teamwork and collaboration. Working on building a new chapter in history Mayor Adams and I will get things done for New Yorker, and I’m honored to get his support. “

For the first time in a while, the Governor of New York has the support of the Mayor of New York.

“Some people find it great to get along with the governor and the mayor,” Adams said. “We are not surprised.”

Adams was one of those who urged the governor to roll back reforms to the state’s bail law earlier this year, releasing dangerous people after his arrest and allowing him to commit more crimes. Insisted.

Hochul has announced plans to detain more crimes and give judges the freedom to set bail, although there is no data to prove that bail is associated with an increase in violent crimes. Said.

An Emerson College poll released earlier this week found that the governor has a 40-point lead over the primary and closest competitor.

Still, her decision to spend $ 600 million on Buffalo’s stadium weighs somewhat heavily, but Adams says she holds the key to fighting crime and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic in New York. Told.

“Self-confidence is returning to our city and state,” he said. “Why? Governor Hochul”

Hokuru took office in August when former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned in allegations of sexual harassment of women, but he denied it. She is running for her rights this year, but at the Democratic Primary Association, US Congressman Tom Suoji of Long Island, who beat Hokur for a crime, and elected Congressman Jumaane Williams of New York City. I am being challenged by.

“We are working to give people a reason to come back,” Hochul said. “The era of battle is over. Instead, we roll up our sleeves and fight for you.”

She must first compete in the June 28 primary before proceeding to the general election.

Republicans include US Congressman Lee Zeldin and Andrew Giuliani, the son of the former mayor of New York City.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)

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New York Mayor Eric Adams Approves Governor Kathy Hokul for the term

Source link New York Mayor Eric Adams Approves Governor Kathy Hokul for the term

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