New York State Legislature Holds Hearing on Deteriorating Situations at Rikers Island Prison Complex

New York City (WABC)-A hearing is being held in the state legislature on Friday about the status of Rikers Island and other New York City correctional facilities amid the danger and exacerbation of problematic prisons.

Over the past few months, Rikers has become dangerously crowded and filthy, and many prison officers simply refuse to go to work, resulting in a huge shortage of staff.

So far this year, more than 12 prisoners have died in detention and more than 12,000 attacks have been made on employees.

“This is a real humanitarian crisis on Rikers Island,” said Congressman David Wepurin. “In the last few months, my office has received very disturbing communications regarding worsening conditions, staff shortages, increased violence, and the deaths of many imprisoned individuals.”

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The committee is currently investigating whether changes to state law are needed.

Meanwhile, Riker’s survivors, affected families, and lawmakers gathered at City Hall Park for immediate action from the state.

A prominent lawmaker recently visited the complex, reporting horrific conditions and several protests calling for closure.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said last week, “You should be ashamed of yourself for leaving all the cops who didn’t show up in a hurry and endangering your fellow cops.” “For unions that encourage mass absenteeism and are absent, you should be ashamed of yourself, which is why we file a proceeding against you.”

In 2019, the average number of AWOL executives per month was 645. But now that number exceeds 2,000 a month.

De Blasio promised a bonus to the police officers who went to work and vowed to punish the police officers who did not go to work.

“We will be very, very strict with the people who went to AWOL,” he said. “We’re suspending them, and the message is clear. We’re not paying people who aren’t working, and if you’re not willing to work, it’s time to leave.”

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Governor Kathy Hokul vowed that a new day was approaching at Rikers, ordered the immediate release of 191 prisoners, and transferred dozens more.

New York Attorney General Letitia James Toured the prison complex Along with district attorneys in Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens, she said her office was considering its legal options.

“For years, Rikers has been plagued by dysfunction, negligence, and violence, and it’s clear that we’ve reached the limit,” she said. “These situations have resulted in an unprecedented and devastating number of deaths and action is urgently needed. I have all the legal options in my office to deal with this dire situation immediately. I’m considering it. “

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New York State Legislature Holds Hearing on Deteriorating Situations at Rikers Island Prison Complex

Source link New York State Legislature Holds Hearing on Deteriorating Situations at Rikers Island Prison Complex

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