Newly Discovered Genetic Markers Predict Treatment Results for Breast Cancer Patients

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A team of interdisciplinary researchers at the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and Kaiser Permanente Northern California have identified the first pharmacological genomic markers for anthracyclines and HER2-targeted drugs (two commonly used breast cancer chemotherapy). The results of a large-scale genetic analysis are available today. npj breast cancer..

Advances in genetic engineering open up the possibility of choosing the safest and most effective treatments based on the unique genetic characteristics of each individual patient. In the case of cancer treatment, by clarifying these differences, oncologists can determine how each patient may react before receiving a particular cancer treatment, resulting in reduced toxicity. Brings both an increase in effectiveness. However, the ability to accurately predict a patient’s response to treatment is a huge challenge given the large differences between patients and tumor types.

“Hundreds of genetic variations Breast cancer Dr. Qianqian Zhu, Associate Professor of Oncology in the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Roswell Park and Co-Director of Biostatistics and Statistics Genomics Resources, said: His study reveals genes that are strongly associated with patient outcomes after treatment with anthracyclines and anti-HER2 therapy. This may help oncologists develop appropriate treatment strategies for breast cancer patients. Gene composition.. “

To make this discovery, cancer researchers analyzed the DNA of 3,973 breast cancer patients from Pathways Study, a large multiethnic study of women being treated for breast cancer in Kaiser Permanente Northern California. Dr. Zhu, along with Professor Son Yao, a professor of oncology and director of molecular epidemiology at Roswell Park, and colleagues, collaborate with Kaiser Permanente Research Division to assess the association of millions of genetic variants. Did. With the outcome of breast cancer, the UACA gene, Tumor suppressor Par-4 was associated with overall survival in patients receiving anthracyclines and anti-HER2 therapy.

“The opportunity to look at genetic factors in detailed treatment information can provide new information that may have clinical implications,” said Advanced Research Science in the Research Division, leading the Pathways Study and senior author of the treatise. Lawrence Kushi, ScD, said. ..

To test the strength of their findings, researchers performed genetic analysis in three additional independent cohorts of women with breast cancer to confirm their association.

The identified genetic variations were common in the general population and consistent associations were observed among patients in diverse populations. When further reproduced in other breast cancer studies, these findings allow clinicians to personalize their treatment plans by determining which patients respond best to anthracyclines or anti-HER2 therapy prior to the start of treatment. Allows you to design a genetic test.The findings also highlight the possibility of targeting both the UACA gene and the Par-4 pathway as a new approach to improving outcomes in breast cancer patients.

“It’s amazing that we started an agnostic search across the genome. Genetic marker In relation to breast cancer outcomes, we have identified UACA as a promising gene that predicts the therapeutic outcomes of two commonly used drugs for breast cancer, “adds Dr. Yao.

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The Qianqian Zhu et al, UACA locus is associated with chemotherapy resistance and survival in breast cancer. npj breast cancer (2022). DOI: 10.1038 / s41523-022-00401-5

Quote: The newly discovered genetic marker is https: // for the treatment of breast cancer patients obtained on March 23, 2022. Predict results (March 23, 2022)

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Newly Discovered Genetic Markers Predict Treatment Results for Breast Cancer Patients

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