Newton suffers Panthers defeat at Dolphins

Come Newton had just recorded a touchdown in a hurry and was in a festive mood. He regained football from one of his teammates, headed to the stand, and gently threw it at someone he found in his seat.

It bounced off with about half a dozen hands.

Even in happy moments, accuracy was an issue for Newton on Sunday.

In numbers, Newton played the worst match in his NFL life. He passed 92 yards, 5 yards out of 21 yards. Of these, 64 yards passed 64 yards in a single play, ending with a career-worst 5.8 quarterback rating with Carolina’s 33-10 losses against the Miami Dolphins.

“This is the NFL. Nothing is promised,” Newton said. “Just because Come Newton is on your list doesn’t mean you’re going to win. Just because it’s a good story doesn’t mean you’ll win. I know it well. This situation. So I think we all need to figure out who we are. I’m responsible for myself first before I see anyone else. I need to get better . I know that.”

The Panthers lost 10 times in a row in the game started by Newton in a drought dating back to November 2018. They lost seven of the last nine games and didn’t feel comfortable about Newton returning to Carolina. Very good Sunday.

The dolphin couldn’t even believe in Newton’s number, when he was told he was detained in five completions after the match.

“Damn,” said Zabien Howard, a cornerback in Miami who made one of the three dolphin interceptions. “He was a little frustrated. I feel like our defense, we did it to him, and we have to feed it. To feel that way You need to get all quarterbacks. “

Newton made two passcuts in the first half, one of which led to a touchdown in Miami, and the Panthers quickly entered the 21-7 hole.

Newton broke into a break with a quarterback rating of 10.0, 15-3 in 81 yards halftime. This season there were 238 instances where quarterbacks threw at least 15 passes in halftime. The worst half-time rating before Sunday was 17.8 by Sam Darnold (also from Carolina) on October 17th against Minnesota.

From there things didn’t get any better. Newton was drawn to a basically decided game because he wasn’t very familiar with the scheme Panthers would use in a two-minute comeback situation. PJ Walker entered and finished the game, passing 5 to 10 at 87 yards.

Panthers coach Matt Roule said he couldn’t make a quick decision about the game until he reviewed the movie and couldn’t bring Newton a defeat.

“We are not currently making any changes,” says Rhule. “In the end, we didn’t protect the quarterback at all. It didn’t seem fair to keep the cam there and continue to be attacked.”

Carolina allowed five sack and abandoned 111 rushyards. Allowing more than 82 sack in this season’s game allowed Panther to go from 0 to 7, and the first down was 10 yards, for a total of 198 yards. And the teams that entered the NFL-leading week with penalties were flagged seven more times on Sunday, many of which were costly.

Panthers now have their goodbye week. Newton said he would spend much of it studying.

“You don’t have to panic,” Newton said. “Don’t panic. When it’s all said and done, it’ll go back to the heart of what the brand is … I say the same thing every time, but it’s the whole grand plan of things. Mostly comes down to those who play their role in. “

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Newton suffers Panthers defeat at Dolphins

Newton suffers Panthers defeat at Dolphins

Source link Newton suffers Panthers defeat at Dolphins

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