NFL Launches Responsible Betting Public Awareness Program

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NS NFL This week launched a large, integrated, league-wide responsible betting awareness program aimed at educating fans who have chosen to engage in sports betting responsibly.

The important message is that people play responsibly by sticking to the game plan, such as budgeting to know the limits, using authorized and regulated operators, and asking for help if needed. Encourage. The central message of the campaign’s creative is “stick to the game plan”. Always bet responsibly. “

Christopher HarbinThe NFL Chief Strategy Officer and Growth Officer, Executive VP, explains:

“We also recognize that responsible betting programs across the country are under resource, especially as legalization is widespread nationwide. Collectively, we all in the sports and betting industry are international. We need to learn from the examples and ensure that the development of education and support programs is consistent with the state-by-state growth of legalized sports betting.

“Collaboration with” National Council on Gambling Addiction (NCPG) And our commercial partner, the League, is committed to promoting responsible betting awareness, education, and support for gambling addiction. ”

As part of the initiative, the NFL has been working for millions of dollars and years to significantly expand its long-standing partnership with the NCPG. NFL funding allows the council to launch innovative prevention programs, including national grant programs to fund enhanced services provided by local and state-wide providers, and curriculum expansion for young people. Will be.

League support will also transform the national gambling addiction helpline system, enabling the development of improved communication tools, including new websites. www.responsibleplay.orgIt provides the general public with simple tips on betting safely and supports resources for those in need.

Keith White, The Managing Director of the National Council on Gambling Addiction commented: “The National Council on Gambling Addiction is pleased to partner with the NFL to shed light on the importance of responsible betting.

“This partnership can dramatically improve the NCPG’s ability to provide advocacy, awareness and support for gambling addiction. The NFL’s extensive initiative is a strong player in raising awareness. Shows commitment.

“League support for our advocacy activities has funded new communication initiatives on gambling addiction, such as and PSA, expanded and updated features for the most needed gambling addiction prevention services. Helps modernize nationwide gambling addiction helpline operations. ”

Throughout the season, fans will see the NFL’s responsible betting initiatives rolled out on a variety of channels, including online, in-stadium, social media, and printed matter.

The show then begins to run on national and local television, including media channels owned and operated by broadcast partners and the NFL. In addition, the NFL is working with clubs to promote awareness and education at the local level.

NFL Launches Responsible Betting Public Awareness Program

Source link NFL Launches Responsible Betting Public Awareness Program

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