Nick Cannon, Breetiesi expect a baby together

Nick Cannon I’m looking forward to his eighth child! On January 31st, a 41-year-old TV moderator gave him and his girlfriend Breety Say at a talk show bearing his name. Expecting their first baby together.. Over the weekend, Canon was seen hugging Tiesi’s baby bump in what looks like a gender party in Malibu, California. Cannon confirmed that the couple expected a boy later this year. “I have a lot of kids and I love them all from the bottom of my heart. Each and every one of my kids is as special as any other … it’s never a competition,” he said in a live studio. Said at the show in front of the audience.

Pregnancy news arrives about two months after Canon announces: His five-month-old son, Zen, died of a brain tumor.. Shortly after making the announcement, Cannon simultaneously dealt with the loss of his youngest child, Zen, and learned that he was expecting another child. “I knew about Bree’s pregnancy for some time before my youngest child, Zen, died in December, so the whole process is very difficult for me,” he said. “Still, this was always deep in my heart.’When is the right time? How should I share this?’ …. It kept me at night. “

He finished his presentation with a positive note, “At the end of the day, when life comes to this world, it’s a celebration, I’m excited, I’m happy, and you go with me. I’m going to do this whole trip. ” Canon is already the father of seven childrenIncluding 10-year-old twin Moroccans and Monroe sharing with ex-wife Mariah Carey.. Watch to make sure Cannon is expecting the 8th baby below!

Nick Cannon, Breetiesi expect a baby together

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