Nicki Minaj and City Girls crush beef!

Nicki Minaj’s features are one of the most popular gems in the music industry, and while many artists are honored to work with Nicki, the two biggest female rappers are still waiting for their turn. increase. Cinnamon hasn’t worked with Nikki yet, but collaboration could come after a woman crushes beef on Wednesday.

Nicki Minaj recently sat down with people at the Morning Hustle Show and explained that he has no plans to work with them after Yung Miami and JT have expressed disgust at her. Nikki said she wasn’t having a hard time, but she wasn’t interested in working with people she didn’t like.

“So if I was going out for dinner with you tonight as a normal person, then I get something that says,’She doesn’t care so much with you,’ she was saying this, And she said, “I really don’t like you and she really wants you to never pop or prosper.” That’s how humans feel. “

Just hours after the interview was talked about, Nikki revealed that she and the City Girls were hashing things forward! Fans also found that both Yung Miami and JT liked Nicki’s latest Instagram photos. This means that women have become peaceful since Nicki previously blocked them.

“There was a great combo with @ThegirlJT and @ YungMiami305. Let’s move on and make new memories,” Nikki tweeted. Both women responded on Twitter with a message of love and gratitude.

“Sag Sister! Thank you for your time! True Queen … I love you!” JT replied.

Beef has been around for years after Yung Miami and JT publicly stated they weren’t Barbs. In 2017, JT made various tweets and released a distrack about how Nikki couldn’t see her on the track.

“I don’t like Nikki. She really feels she’s running. I want Cardi to take over completely. Push that b * tch back,” JT tweeted in August 2017. Did.

While JT was in prison, Yung Miami sat down at the Breakfast Club and avoided Charlamagne’s question as to whether to consider working with Nicki. She finally said that City Girls are “definitely Team Cardi”.

Still, for Nicky, Yung Miami and JT, we are pleased that things are moving in a more positive direction.

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Nicki Minaj and City Girls crush beef!

Source link Nicki Minaj and City Girls crush beef!

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