Nicky Bella talks about “snapback pressure” right after childbirth!

Nicky Bella Is a new mom and that is her main focus! Caring for a newborn is a daunting task, so stars want the pressure to “snap back” right after giving birth!

The Bella Twins were really open about her struggle after having a son, including postpartum depression, so again, I didn’t hesitate to send an important message to my fellow moms!

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In a Pretty Big Deal podcast with Ashley Graham’s twin sister Bree, Nikki emphasized that she remained open and honest about her experience.

“I noticed that, as mothers, we don’t talk enough about it because when we say postpartum depression, we think everyone automatically hates babies. Not at all .. “It’s a battle entirely within yourself, within your partner. [or] significant other. I think this is especially true for career women. “

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Nikki went on to explain: “We’ve become like these major careers, then we’re here. And I’m looking in the mirror. We’re in the spotlight, in a very short time, the original I think there is a lot of pressure to get back in place. “

Ashley agreed, saying, “Snapback-it’s bullish.”

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This prompted the twins to scream all at once: “It’s such a bull ** t!”

Nikki added it’it ruins you. The other day someone said, “Oh, she’s still big!” And I was like “Excuse me?”

At least the sisters have each other for unconditional support, and Bree even stopped Nikki from confronting the rude person.

But that’s not all! Nicky Bella also revealed that she is now getting a lot of help from her life coach!

According to her, she tells her to thank Nikki for catching an unfavorable part of her body at this point, making her son, and keeping him safe during pregnancy. ..

Check out the entire interview for more information!


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Nicky Bella talks about “snapback pressure” right after childbirth!

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