Nikki Gilbert sues Lionsgate & Stars

Waiting patiently for Mercedes, Mississippi Miss, Uncle Clifford, and other casts “P Valley” Returning to the TV screen, it seems that viewers aren’t the only ones paying attention to the Starz series.Legal agents also paid attention to the show in a new lawsuit against Lionsgate Entertainment and reality show star and singer Stars. Nikki Gilbert We are calling on the creators of the show to have similarities.

according to Yahoo newsPlaintiff Niche claims that the show, which debuted in July 2020, has some notable similarities to her musical stage drama “Soul Kitton Cabaret” (SKC) starring Niche, Faith Evans and Fantasia. doing. The proceedings reportedly claim that the series was “a true unauthorized knockoff of plaintiff’s’Soul Kitton Cabaret’in 2020.” In addition, she claims that the defendant “intentionally and illegally used her work to create the” P-Valley “television series.”

For those unfamiliar with “P Valley”, it is based on Katori Hall’s 2015 play “P *** y Valley”. Niche, the creator of the reality shows R & B Divas and From The Bottom Up, claims that entertainment lawyer Leroy Bobbit has pitched “Soul Kittens Cabalet” as a musical TV drama to Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer in his Los Angeles office. increase. The 2014 proceedings also state that John received two copies of her script and the play on DVD.

The proceedings further stated that “during the Lionsgate SKC pitch, Feltamer showed enthusiasm and interest in scripting” SKC “as Lionsgate’s musical drama series, and even loved the character named” Tata Burlesque. ” Said. I continued. He explained that he likes to read scripts, reads them over the weekend, shares them with the Lionsgate team, and follows up with Bobbit. “

Unfortunately, Nikki has reportedly never heard of John or Lionsgate. Katori’s position in the proceedings is unknown, but Nikki seeks actual statutory damages and a jury trial in a civil suit. Do you think roommates and plays have similarities?

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Nikki Gilbert sues Lionsgate & Stars

Source link Nikki Gilbert sues Lionsgate & Stars

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