Nipsey Hussle’s daughter’s mother submits legal document

Roommates celebrate their 3rd anniversary at the end of the month Nipsey Hussle.. While his legacy is still alive, his family is still fighting to ensure that his daughter takes proper care. The currency, the Ashgedom family, is still involved in a court battle over the custody of his daughter Emani Ashdem.according to blastHis 13-year-old daughter, Tanisha Foster’s mother, opposes the current protection agreement that Nipsey’s brother Sam Asgedom and other families have custody.

Tanisha made a strong claim about Nipsey with her in a recent filing, saying she was in a “loving relationship” when she died in 2019. However, many of us were familiar with his very public relations relationship with her son’s mother, Lauren London. cross. Prior to his death, he and Tanisha shared custody of Emmani, who was a major source of financial support. For Emmani and Tanisha, this includes housing, food and other living expenses.

At the time of Nipsey’s death, Tanisha allowed him to maintain his guardianship, and some of Nipsey’s family said he had given custody of his child. The document states: “Tanisha’s motivation was to recognize her own financial limitations. Her desire to maintain the standard of living and family contact that minors experienced with their father’s family before his father died. And based on the verbal guarantee that each will act in the best interests of Emani. “

But Tanisha doesn’t seem to be happy with the agreement anymore. Shortly after she agreed, Nipsey’s family began to use their financial position and influence to ignore their priorities and control Emmani and Tanisha’s desires by refraining from financial assistance and reducing visits. Insist.

Tanisha argues that another problem with filing is that Nipsey’s family often hates her and favors Lauren London. According to Filing, Nipsey’s family “has often shown contempt for Emani’s mother. In support of Lauren London, who is the mother of two other minors. Such attitudes can affect the ability of (family members) to fulfill fiduciary duty as a guardian of a minor’s property. “

Tanisha vows that she continues to be an active part of Emmani’s life. “She often spends the night with me. I take her to her school, and I keep her parents doing to her children,” she said. Told. “It’s very unfortunate that parents don’t answer my phone. They blocked me on their cell phones. You’ll have to go through a third party or Emani to get in touch with them.”

The Tanisha and Asgedum families are heading to court tomorrow. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available. Want to update directly in your text inbox? 917-722-8057 or Click here to join!

Nipsey Hussle’s daughter’s mother submits legal document

Source link Nipsey Hussle’s daughter’s mother submits legal document

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