Nipsey Hussle’s family will open a second place for marathon clothing

This year is three years since Nipsey Hussle unfortunately died. Although his presence is deeply lost, his family and team continue to preserve his legacy and achieve the goals he was already working on. One of those goals is the second place for his Marathon Clothing brand.

Recently, Nipsey’s brother Samiel Ashdom Parents He talked about the location of the new store and some of the other plans they are coming to. While discussing Nipsey’s heritage, his brothers shared that the family bought a commercial property in the Melrose Arts District of Los Angeles and held a second marathon there. Clothes store..

“This second place is a dream that Nipsey has always had, and it’s important for his children to be able to confirm that his plans have been achieved.” The new location is still under renovation and has no opening date yet.

When it comes to the first place for clothing brands on Clencher Boulevard and Lawson Avenue, it’s still closed. However, it still serves as a site that fans go to for respect. As you know, Nipsey was deadly shot in front of the store in 2019. The location of the store is also owned by the Nipsey family.

Samiel also shared that the original location has a community space that offers free music lessons to young people. It’s similar to the program Nipsey participated in when he was young.

Samiel talked about Nipsey’s work in a free music production program in the Watts area and shared how they want to do the same for their neighborhood. “Everyone who hasn’t participated in the program, including my brother, has had a successful music career. A little effort and a little resources directed at young people can really make a big difference. You can, “he said. “So the youth center will be the best we can put there in terms of what the hustle meant. It will inspire youth and be productive when you grow up. It’s meant to teach you the skills you can use to be legal in. “

In addition to opening a youth program at the original marathon clothing store location, Nipsey’s family is also considering reopening Steve’s hairdresser to offer free haircuts. We are also considering opening something to honor Nipsey. “We want a place where tourists and fans can come to pay homage.

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Nipsey Hussle’s family will open a second place for marathon clothing

Source link Nipsey Hussle’s family will open a second place for marathon clothing

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