Nursery teachers vaccinated at a higher rate than the general population

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Connecticut and Washington have recently become the first US states to require child care providers to be vaccinated with COVID-19. The new policy reflects the important role played by child care providers and the increased risk of both SARS-CoV-2 contracts and transmissions.

However, until now, vaccination rates for this important group remained unknown.But a new study led by Yale Pediatrics Vaccine intake child There were more healthcare providers in the United States than the average adult population.

A national survey of the childcare workforce conducted between May and June of this year found that 78.2% of the 20,013 respondents were fully vaccinated. During that same period, only 65% ​​of the general adult population was fully vaccinated.

Elizabeth Mears and Walter Gilliam, a professor of house Jameson Yale, said: Child study center. “Protecting them from COVID-19 is important for their health and the health of the children they care for.”

Parenting providers are also important for a healthy economy. “They are a workforce that enables other workforces,” added Gilliam, senior author of the study. “If they get sick, or if a childcare facility is closed by COVID-19, it affects all working parents who depend on it.”

“While these findings are promising, they show that there is still a way to go when it comes to vaccination of day care centers,” he added.

Childcare worker vaccination rates revealed in the survey reflect trends observed throughout the US population. Young providers Low income, Or Black reported low vaccination coverage.Elderly healthcare providers Higher income, Or Asian Americans reported high vaccination rates. Geographically, vaccine intake was lowest in Mountain West and South and highest in New England and Pacific West. Massachusetts had the highest vaccination rate of 89.4% and Wyoming had the lowest vaccination rate of 53.5%.

The vaccination rate also varied depending on the childcare environment.Provider who worked at Child care center They were more likely to be vaccinated than providers based in the home environment.

“There are several possible reasons for this,” said Kabin Patel, lead author of the study and clinical researcher for infectious diseases at Yale School of Medicine. “Home care providers are usually responsible for smaller groups of children than those working in the center, so the risk of COVID-19 infection may be perceived as low, and staff at some centers. May need to be vaccinated. “

Home-based providers may also have received less targeted messages about COVID-19 vaccination than center-based providers, Giliam said.

Nearly 12% of unvaccinated child care providers say they are “very likely” or “absolutely certain” to be vaccinated in the future, with more than 59% vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine. He said he was “low” to do so. The most commonly reported reasons for vaccine hesitation related to vaccine safety concerns.

“These findings show where we need to focus our messaging efforts,” Gilliam said. “Earlier this year, a message highlighting the specific occupational risks of childcare providers led to a significant increase in immunization rates. Emphasizing these risks and reaching low immunization groups I need another round of messages. “

Parents can also help by asking what kind of safety measures nursery teachers are taking and how the facility supports staff vaccination, he said.

Gilliam, Patel, and their colleagues will continue to monitor nursery immunization rates. “It will be interesting to see how and if delta variants and return to school affect or do. vaccination Incorporation into this population. ”

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Kavin M. Patel et al, COVID-19 Vaccination Between US Child Care Providers, Pediatrics (2021). DOI: 10.1542 / peds.2021-053813

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Nursery teachers vaccinated at a higher rate than the general population

Source link Nursery teachers vaccinated at a higher rate than the general population

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