Nutanix extends hybrid cloud capabilities to support unstructured data

Nutanix extends the capabilities of its object and file unstructured data storage product with new hybrid cloud capabilities for deploying scale-out storage fabrics in a variety of cloud environments.

These new storage services are built on the recently released Nutanix cluster and support Nutanix’s hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) software running on AWS and ultimately Microsoft Azure. New features include cloud tiering of object storage, hybrid cloud file storage, and simplified disaster recovery.

“IT teams around the world are rapidly migrating to hybrid environments and are looking for technology solutions that can help facilitate this transition, manage heterogeneous technologies, and simplify operations,” says Nutanix’s top technology. The person in charge, Rajiv Mirani, said. statement. “Recently, we’ve extended our hyper-converged infrastructure software to the public cloud and launched Nutanix Clusters to enable businesses to do just that. Now they offer an easy-to-use scale-out storage fabric for a variety of cloud environments. We are focusing on strengthening the entire platform, such as

Nutanix’s new unstructured data storage products are categorized as follows:

Nutanix object

This feature provides cloud tiering of object storage. This means that IT teams can layer object data into S3-compatible object stores that include cloud storage such as AWS S3. This allows customers to leverage public cloud infrastructure to reduce long-term storage and archiving costs. It also keeps metadata on-premises for easier retrieval and retrieval, while improving data lifecycle management across different clouds.

Nutanix files

Hybrid cloud file storage (Nutanix files) can run in public as well as private clouds, providing an integrated hybrid experience across multiple cloud deployment modes through a single-pane management console. This gives you the flexibility to choose the right cloud, facilitates scalability, and gives you more control over your hybrid cloud file storage.

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Nutanix extends hybrid cloud capabilities to support unstructured data

Source link Nutanix extends hybrid cloud capabilities to support unstructured data

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