NYC COVID Update: Mayor Eric Adams expects to roll back vaccine obligations to allow unvaccinated athletes to play

New York City (WABC)-New York Mayor Adams will announce a major change in the city’s vaccine obligations today.

This change (exemption of vaccination obligations for New York City civilian workers) will allow professional athletes and entertainers to play at New York City venues.

This happens when the NBA and NHL playoff races heat up and Major League Baseball is preparing for the opening round.

This means that Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving will be able to play home games and unvaccinated baseball players will be on the field at the start of the season.

“Don’t ask me about the hypothesis, what will happen,” Irving said Wednesday night. “please do not.”

“I’m hoping for good news as this will improve the whole thing,” said Kevin Durant of Nets.

The drastic vaccination obligations for city workers continue to apply to people doing other types of work, including civil servants.

Adams has a loophole in the measures imposed under his predecessor, even visiting athletes and performers who are not working in New York, even if they are unvaccinated.

Vaccine proponent Irving was one of the most prominent people affected. He was able to rejoin the team in January, but only when they played a game in town.

This month, concerns were raised that the rules might also affect Major League Baseball.

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Yankees star Aaron Judge refused to answer questions about his vaccine status earlier this month, leading to speculation that another New York team would be hampered by the player’s refusal to inoculate.

The Yankees, who kicked off the season at home against the Boston Red Sox on April 7, said the team president was “working with the city hall and all other appropriate officials on this issue.” The Yankees declined to comment on Wednesday.

Mets fan Adams will make an “economic and health announcement” Thursday morning in Citi Field, where the Mets play, according to his official calendar released Wednesday night.

Adams is rolling back vaccine obligations and other coronavirus restrictions, including when Mask said on Tuesday that it could be an option for children under the age of 5 from April 4th. ..

Mask obligations for older children have already been removed, with vaccination evidence for eating in restaurants, exercising in the gym, attending shows, and attending indoor sporting events. It is obligatory to present.

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City last year mandated vaccination before leaving the office as a workplace safety rule.
All employers are to forbid unvaccinated workers from being in a shared workplace.

The city has suspended a number of civil servants for refusing vaccination, including civil servants such as firefighters and sanitary workers.

Creating a special exemption for athletes and entertainers can lead to court objections claiming that the city does not apply the law equally.

On Twitter, a former mayor’s adviser blew up the move when Killy opened up. “The vaccine works,” Dr. Jay Valma posted. “Unless you are rich and powerful.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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NYC COVID Update: Mayor Eric Adams expects to roll back vaccine obligations to allow unvaccinated athletes to play

Source link NYC COVID Update: Mayor Eric Adams expects to roll back vaccine obligations to allow unvaccinated athletes to play

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