Obesity Surgery: Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack

Cleveland, Ohio (Ivanhoe Newswire)

Every year, nearly 300,000 Americans choose obesity surgery or gastric bypass surgery to lose significant weight. Now there are new studies showing amazing benefits.

Almost 83 million Americans suffer from one form of cardiovascular disease. Every year, 805,000 Americans have a heart attack.

New studies by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic now suggest that weight loss surgery may significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular events, even among the elderly.

Obesity surgery, or gastric bypass surgery, has proven to help patients lose a dramatic amount of weight, sometimes up to 100 pounds in the first year, and other health benefits. Will also experience.

Researchers are now discovering important cardiovascular benefits.

Dr. Amga Domentias, a staff member of the Cleveland Clinic’s Cardiovascular and Chest Institute’s Clinical Cardiology and an assistant professor at the Cleveland Clinic Learner Medical College, said: Newly developed heart failure, heart attack, stroke. “

Researchers examined the health outcomes of 95,000 Medicare patients and found that obesity surgery was protective at all ages, including 65-75 years. This is a poorly studied patient population.

“The amount of risk reduction in these patients was impressive. As I said, it was more than 30 percent in most results,” explains Dr. Mentius.

Researchers say the findings show that the health effects of obesity on the cardiovascular system are reversible when patients lose significant weight and lose weight.

Dr. Mentius states that only 1% of patients who may benefit from obesity surgery undergo weight loss surgery. He says his findings suggest that doctors and patients may consider obesity surgery if lifestyle, diet, and other means are not working.

Obesity Surgery: Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack

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