Officers accompanying the CIA Chief develop “Havana” symptoms

Washington (AP)

A US intelligence officer suffered a series of suspected directed-energy attacks known as “Havana Syndrome” while traveling with Indian CIA Director William Burns this month.

According to scientist James Giordano, experts are in the process of examining police officers’ symptoms, which is consistent with scores from other recent cases associated with Havana syndrome. CNN first reported the incident.

Defense and intelligence agencies have stepped up their investigation into what appears to be an increasing number of incidents in which personnel are suffering from symptoms consistent with exposure to directed energy. This condition is often referred to as Havana Syndrome because of a series of well-known incidents affecting US Embassy staff in Cuba since 2016. The United States has not publicly linked the case to its adversaries.

There are at least 200 cases under investigation, half of which involve intelligence personnel.

It is unknown if the police were targeted because they were traveling with Burns. I ordered a review for the entire agency Of possible attacks using microwaves or other directed energy

The CIA refused to comment on the police case, but Burns said in a statement, “Making sure police get the care they need is a top priority, and we are at the root of this.” Said. Since becoming director, Burns has tripled the number of medical staff studying cases related to Havana Syndrome and met with agency personnel who reported the case.

The incident in early September occurred just a few weeks later Two Possible Cases of Havana Syndrome Vice President Kamala Harris delayed his trip from Singapore to Vietnam. At that time, US officials said no one was working for the Vice President or the White House.

Giordano, a professor of neurology and biochemistry at Georgetown University and secretary-general of the Institute for Biodefense in Washington, said on Tuesday that intelligence officers reported symptoms consistent with the syndrome. The police case “represents a clear and current threat,” Giordano said.

“We are beginning to see patterns of increased selective target use,” he said.

According to Giordano, new reports of possible cases of Havana syndrome have been reported with the United States, including two unconfirmed cases in the United States this month and a series of incidents that affected German American personnel a few weeks ago. It continues to occur both overseas.

Officers accompanying the CIA Chief develop “Havana” symptoms

Source link Officers accompanying the CIA Chief develop “Havana” symptoms

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