Officials are cautiously optimistic about the return of foreign tourists

Unless there is a surge in COVID-19 cases that adversely affect travel, foreign tourists are expected to return to a relatively large number of Space Coasts by the end of 2022.

The Space Coast Office of Tourism’s Executive Secretary, Peter Cranice, said four factors helped bring international travelers here.

  • Return of foreign tourists to theme parks in the Orlando area. Many of them want to spend time on the beach as part of their vacation, and the beaches on the Space Coast are a popular option.
  • Growth of tourism in Port Canaveral. Currently, there are 10 cruise ships from 5 cruise lines, and in February the 11th ship was added to the lineup. Many cruise passengers stay one or two nights before and after a cruise on the Space Coast. Cruise lines for ships based in Port Canaveral are Carnival, Disney, MSC, Norway and Royal Caribbean.
  • TUI Airways will be launched at Melbourne Orlando International Airport in March and is expected to fly 150,000 visitors from the UK to Melbourne in the first year of the seven-year contract.
  • Increased rocket launch rhythm. Many international travelers come here to see the launch. In addition, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is Brevard County’s most popular paid tourist attraction.

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Prior to the pandemic, foreign visitors did not always make up the majority of Space Coast tourists. However, foreign tourists, on average, stay longer and spend more than US tourists.

Cocoa Beach and the nearby beaches are popular tourist destinations for visitors to the Space Coast.

The Biden administration on November 8 relaxed travel restrictions for fully vaccinated foreign tourists coming to the United States.

But to ease optimism, it is the COVID-19 Omicron variant that was first discovered in South Africa last week, and is likely to spread rapidly around the world, perhaps with “serious consequences.” The World Health Organization warned on Monday. The United States has restrictions on people traveling from South Africa and other neighboring countries.

MSC Divina is currently one of 10 cruise ships based in Port Canaveral and represents five cruise lines.

“Obviously, we’re watching it,” Cranice said to see if travel restrictions would be extended to visitors from other countries.

According to Kranis, about 5% of tourists in Brevard County have historically come from outside the United States, with the most popular countries of origin being Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico and Brazil.

Space Coast Tourism Record

The Space Coast Office of Tourism reported a record fiscal year in 2020-21, despite a prolonged pandemic. This is measured by the income generated by the county’s 5% tourism development tax on hotel rooms and other short-term rentals.

Officials are cautiously optimistic about the return of foreign tourists

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