Olivia Rodrigo is working on her second album

Less than a year ago Olivia Rodrigo Released her Debut album “Sour” But she is already working on follow-up. She said with a 19-year-old singerHigh School Musical: Musical: Series“Star I talked to the billboard As a 2022 woman this year, she revealed that she is currently working on a sophomore album.

“There are titles for the next album and a few songs,” Rodrigo teased in an interview. “It’s really exciting to think about the next world that’s coming for me. I just love writing songs. I try not to put too much pressure on myself. [I want to] Explore a bit and have fun now. ”

Rodrigo also reunited with her “sour” collaborator Dan Nigro, who played a major artistic role in the development of her debut. Together they are working on the singer’s new music, laying the foundation for her next album. “I love working with Dan. We have a very good groove together,” Rodrigo said of her work relationship with the Negroids. “We are always sharing ideas and making time to work together in the studio. The” sour “madness out there was something that only Dan and I could relate to. I trust him very much and really enjoy the music we make. “

Last year was a big year for Rodrigo. The singer has received countless praises, including “sour.” 7 Grammy Award nominations And this year’s new artist American Music Awards..Rodrigo also made her long-awaited announcement “Sour” tour It will start on April 2nd.As if it wasn’t enough “sour” content for her fans, the singer too Documentary release For their debut album, which will premiere on Disney + on March 25th. Obviously Rodrigo is filling her hands with lots of exciting moves, and if the “sour” era is any sign, we’re looking for another groundbreaking album from her.

Olivia Rodrigo is working on her second album

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