One died in Texas after a brutal storm of eight million under tornado surveillance

A powerful storm wave rolled across the southern United States, leaving 8 million people underneath, killing one. tornado clock.

A person was killed in an unknown situation in the east Texas Early on Tuesday, in a hail storm and strong winds, I knocked down trees on some houses and removed power lines.

The tornado warning is National Weather Service throughout the day across numerous states From Southern Mississippi Georgia When South Carolina..

More than 8 million people have been warned, including the city of Tallahassee. FloridaMobile and Montgomery, Alabama. Macon and Savannah, Georgia.

At 3:22 pm CST, the NWS Storm Forecast Center in Norman, Oklahoma, reports that the greatest threat of a strong tornado is concentrated from central eastern Georgia to South Carolina.

Currently, more than 17,000 people are out of power in Texas and 15,000 in Georgia. At Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, flight 119 was delayed and three were canceled.

Local media reported that a lightning strike struck a flea market in Lacy’s Spring in northern Alabama, burning the building.

In Texas, one was injured when a storm struck Johnson County, about 40 miles southwest of Dallas. After the trailer turned over, Brittany Deaton was trapped in an RV behind her family home. She said her stepfather was injured trying to release her, but is expected to recover.

“I was screaming on the phone. I couldn’t get out. I was scared,” he said. KDFW-TV. “And I just felt trapped, just as it was going to roll with me, and I thank God that I went out.”

Storm Forecast Center He said he was at increased risk of heavy thunderstorms in the evenings in parts of the southeast on Tuesday afternoon.

Large-scale hail and severe gusts can cause gusts and some tornado damage throughout the region, including a more isolated and serious threat in southern Texas where isolated supercells can occur It could happen.

A strong, isolated thunderstorm is also heading over part of the Missouri valley tonight to Ozark and northwestern Okurahoma.

Among scientists Climate crisis It is involved in the occurrence of tornadoes.

Twisters are difficult to study due to their relatively short lifespan. In the years before the advent of mobile phones, data relied heavily on those who discovered tornadoes and brought them to the National Weather Service.

However, the body of research is growing. A 2014 study A study by the National Severe Storm Institute found that tornado clusters have become more common in the last 50 years.

Another 2018 study Over the last 40 years, it has been found that the American “Tornado Alley” appears to be shifting towards the east coast, away from the typical trails through Kansas and Oklahoma.

AP contributed to this report

One died in Texas after a brutal storm of eight million under tornado surveillance

Source link One died in Texas after a brutal storm of eight million under tornado surveillance

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