Optical chips protect quantum technology from error

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In today’s digital infrastructure, the data bits used to send and process information are either 0 or 1. Being able to correct errors that can occur in calculations using these bits is an important part of information processing and communication systems. However, quantum computers use qubits. Qubits can be a type of mixture of 0s and 1s, known as quantum superposition. This mixture is essential to their power, but error correction is much more complicated.

DTU Fotonik researchers co-created the largest and most complex photonics Quantum information Traditional processor — on a microchip.Using a single particle of light as a qubit, various Error correction Protocol using photonic Qubit first time.

“We have created a new optical microchip that uses entanglement to process quantum information so that we can protect ourselves from errors. We have implemented an error correction scheme using a new design and they are effective on the photonic platform. I’ve confirmed that it works for, “says Jeremy. Adcock, DTU Fotonik Post Dock, and Nature Physics paper.

This research is important because error correction is the key to developing large-scale quantum computers. This unleashes new algorithms such as large-scale chemistry simulations and faster machine learning.

One of the important applications is drug discovery. Today’s computers cannot simulate large molecules and their interactions, for example when introducing drug molecules into the human body. In today’s computers, the size of classical calculations grows exponentially with the size of the molecules involved. But for future quantum computers, Efficient algorithm It is known not to explode computational costs.

This is just one of the problems that future quantum technology promises to solve by allowing information to be processed beyond the fundamental limits of traditional computers. But to reach this goal, it needs to be small.

“Chip-scale devices are an important step forward when we scale up quantum technology and outperform traditional computers. These systems have millions of high-performance components that operate at the fastest speeds possible. This is a microchip and integrated circuit made possible by the ultra-advanced semiconductor manufacturing industry, “said Yunhong Ding, a senior researcher and co-author of DTU Motonik.

This technology needs to be extended further to realize quantum technology that surpasses today’s powerful computers. In particular, the photon (particle of light) source on this chip is not efficient enough to build quantum technology on a useful scale.

“DTU is currently working to improve the efficiency of these sources by nearly 1%. With such sources, we should be able to build quantum photonic devices on a significantly larger scale. The postdocs of DTU Fotonik, Jeremy Adcock, say that they enjoy the benefits of the inherent physical advantages of quantum technology over traditional computers in the processing, communication, and acquisition of.

“A more efficient photon source allows us to build more and more different resource states, which enables larger and more complex computations and an unlimited range of secure quantum communications.”

Advances in algorithms make small, noisy quantum computers feasible

For more information:
Caterina Vigliar et al, Error Protected Cubit in Silicon Photonic Chip, Nature Physics (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s41567-021-01333-w

Quote: Optical chip is an error obtained from on September 28, 2021 (September 28, 2021) Protect quantum technology from

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Optical chips protect quantum technology from error

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