Oracle announces Verazzano container platform for Kubernetes

With Oracle Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform, Oracle brings container-based applications Kubernetes In multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Introduced on August 3, Verrazzano acts as a bridge between on-premises and cloud environments, according to Oracle. This allows users to integrate application lifecycle management with microservices deployed on Oracle’s WebLogic Server Java application server across traditional applications and standardize Kubernetes management across on-prem and cloud environments.

Oracle cites other benefits of Verazzano, including:

  • Improve developer productivity through container and container management technology, DevOps, and cloud-native development. You can reduce deployment time and increase application uptime.
  • Modernization of existing applications.
  • Cloud-native benefits without lock-in. According to Oracle, Verazzano provides a “cloud-neutral” approach to container applications regardless of whether they are deployed on-premises, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or other public clouds.
  • Intelligent cluster-wide workload management with automatic provisioning of Kubernetes operators, creation of Kubernetes objects, application modeling of advanced deployment scenarios, and extensions to WebLogic, Coherence, and Helidon workloads.
  • Automated built-in observability of system and application components, including metric and log collection from managed workloads and preconfigured dashboards.
  • Application lifecycle management. Update between clusters using devops and Gitops to reduce overhead and improve uptime.
  • Enable polyglot workloads with application processing for Java and non-Java applications.
  • Multi-platform security that protects network traffic, system components, and application components.

Verazzano Open application model specifications To build platform-independent container applications. To get started with Verrazzano, developers can install the Verrazzano platform operator on a Kubernetes cluster and then apply the application profile passed to the operator as a Kubernetes custom resource. Instructions are available at the following URL:

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Oracle announces Verazzano container platform for Kubernetes

Source link Oracle announces Verazzano container platform for Kubernetes

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