Orange County Homeowners Get $ 42 Million For Destroyed Citrus Trees

Sixteen years after the court battle began, about 18,000 homeowners in central Florida destroyed citrus trees to eradicate harmful citrus diseases, totaling more than $ 42 million from Florida. You will be paid.

Orange County homeowners receive about $ 700 per healthy tree destroyed as part of an order issued in Orlando’s state court last month. In a 2014 court ruling, each healthy tree was valued at $ 344, but years of fees and interest doubled the per-tree payment.

More than 60,000 healthy, uninfected trees were destroyed in Orange County between 2002 and 2006 as part of the Florida Agricultural and Consumer Services Department’s efforts to eradicate citrus ulcers, according to the lawsuit. rice field.

Citrus ulcers do not harm the human body, but they can shed citrus leaves and fruits prematurely, creating unattractive lesions in the fruits. According to the USDA, lesions leak bacterial cells that can spread to other trees by wind, rain, or contaminated equipment.

The Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services argued that homeowner trees are pollution and not worth compensating. Under this program, healthy trees within 1900 feet (580 meters) of the infected tree were destroyed to stop the spread of the disease.

As compensation, the 2000s state offered Florida homeowners a Wal-Mart gift card of $ 100 for the first destroyed tree and $ 55 for each additional tree. If the homeowner resisted, authorities went to private property and threatened to arrest or obtain an arrest warrant to destroy the tree.

Last year, the Florida State Assembly approved payments to Orange County homeowners. A third-party administrator distributes the check to track homeowners whose addresses are no longer present.

Tens of thousands of homeowners in Broward, Lee, and Palm Beach counties have won class action proceedings against the state over destroyed trees, and compensation varies from county to county. The proceedings in Miami-Dade County are still pending.

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18,000 homeowners in Orange County get $ 42 million for destroyed citrus trees

Orange County Homeowners Get $ 42 Million For Destroyed Citrus Trees

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