Orchid extract has hope in the treatment of prostate cancer

Figure 1. Erianin suppresses colonization, but not migration in both LNCaP and PC3 cells. (A, B) Cells were treated with indicated concentrations of Erianin for 10 days. The image is representative of three independent experiments (A) and the number of colonies was quantified (B). (C, D) Wound healing assays were performed to assess cell migration. Cells were treated with the indicated concentrations of Erianin for up to 48 hours. The images are representative of three independent experiments (C) and the wound closure area was quantified (D). The data is expressed as mean ± SD. n = 3. *** NS

A study led by the Centenary Institute found that compounds extracted from commonly grown orchids could be a new treatment option for prostate cancer.

Second most common format cancerProstate cancer is also the sixth leading cause of cancer-related mortality in the world.

In this study, researchers examined erianin, a natural bibenzyl compound found in dendrobium chrysotoxam, an orchid species native to Southeast Asia.

Erianin has been found to have antitumor effects on both androgen-dependent (early) and castration-resistant (advanced) prostate cancer cells.

“In the early stages of development, Prostate cancer Need androgen (Androgens), It grows with testosterone, “explained Dr. Janfei (Jacob) Chi, head of the Institute for Lipid Cell Biology at the Centenary Institute and principal investigator of the study.

“Androgen deprivation therapy, also known as Hormone therapyIt aims to lower androgen levels and helps slow or limit the growth of cancer. When prostate cancer becomes unresponsive to this treatment and continues to grow, it goes into an advanced stage known as castration resistance. “

Dr. Qi said the team’s study showed that Erianin increased the levels of a fatty acid called C16 ceramide in androgen-dependent prostate cancer cells. This caused cells to die through a process called endoplasmic reticulum stress-related cell death.

In contrast, Erianin alone was not able to increase castration-resistant C16 ceramide levels. Prostate cancer cells.. However, artificially increasing C16 ceramide in these cells, combined with the use of Erianin, resulted in successful cell death.

“There is an urgent need for new treatments for prostate cancer,” said Dr. Qi.

“Up to 20% of patients Androgen deprivation therapy It progresses to advanced prostate cancer within 5 years. “

“We believe that Erianin may play an important role in developing new medicines that target both early and late prostate cancers, benefit many patients and may help save lives. Showed that there is. “

The study was published in the journal Oncology Frontier..

Studies Reveal Additional Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

For more information:
I Gusti Md Gde Surya C. Trapika et al, ceramides regulate the antitumor mechanism of Erianin in androgen-sensitive and castration-resistant prostate cancer, Oncology Frontier (2021). DOI: 10.3389 / fonc.2021.738078

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Orchid extract has hope in the treatment of prostate cancer

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